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DSS: The Kinky Trade-Off

The Filipino illustrators and artists are simply amazing. And to properly spazz over their illustrations and hardwork, Dark~Sweet~Soul is hosting an interesting event for these talented folks! The Kinky Trade-Off is a giveaway in exchange for doing what you and DSS love the most: leather and drawing! Create an illustration of a character who screams…… Continue reading DSS: The Kinky Trade-Off

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A Stargazing Adventure: Lyrids Episode

I’m back again chasing stars and this time I wasn’t alone. I didn’t even notice the time and fatigue because it was pleasantly different: experiencing stargazing with your pals, pizza and sisig! (My priorities are edible.) The bus ride was so quick I didn’t realize we arrived at the grounds before four in the afternoon!…… Continue reading A Stargazing Adventure: Lyrids Episode

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The National Museum Adventure

Also known as banana buddy Meia’s Birthday-slash-Planetarium-and-National-Museum-trot-like-a-Field-Trip. The things we do for love! And for free admissions and knowledge! The fanfare started as early as 10AM and by the time we reached the Fine Arts department, I was already woozy because of the heat and fatigue. Hence the lack of photos during the latter part…… Continue reading The National Museum Adventure


Harnessing the Alternative: Leatherwear & Outfit Ideas

And yes, Leatherwear is NOT bounded by the four corners of the bedroom! You’d think sleek-smooth leather, hard chains and silver rings are all just for that naughty play couples do behind close doors? Or misfits rocking spiky and colored hair, pierces and tattoos who look like they’d wring you up for staring, clad in…… Continue reading Harnessing the Alternative: Leatherwear & Outfit Ideas


BL Mangas and Mangakas To Read

Here’s the pinky promise I made with my muse last month (and technically with myself, for eons ago): a recommendation list. A Boy’s Love recommendation list (awww yeah.) Tread carefully, oh curious first-timer (or not) one. Once you enter, there’s no going back from where the holy light shines upon. We have cookies here though.…… Continue reading BL Mangas and Mangakas To Read