BL Mangas and Mangakas To Read

Here’s the pinky promise I made with my muse last month (and technically with myself, for eons ago): a recommendation list. A Boy’s Love recommendation list (awww yeah.) Tread carefully, oh curious first-timer (or not) one. Once you enter, there’s no going back from where the holy light shines upon. We have cookies here though.…… Continue reading BL Mangas and Mangakas To Read

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Outfits of Month: October to December ’16

OOTM – Outfits of the Month – is a collective outfit post and fashion breakdowns shared every end of the month here at Thingiemajingie. Today’s post accumulates outfits from October until December. Merry Christmas, folks~! How has the holiday been treating y’all? I did promise myself to at least post one more outfit thang before…… Continue reading Outfits of Month: October to December ’16

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DSS: Holiday Giveaway 2016

Finally! I have been meaning to come up with a mini-event for the shop as commemoration for the introduction and selling of my second favorite thing: thigh harnesses! It has become a tradition of mine to host December giveaways to show my gratitude to the folks who have supported my business and their patronages. 2016…… Continue reading DSS: Holiday Giveaway 2016