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Biogenetic Records Cover Album Designs

It started February 2012 when I was hired by a digital recording company – Biogenetic Records – as a cover album designer. I wasn’t sure how they found me, but I’m guessing it was most probably because of my works found at 99Designs. I suddenly got myself into listening dupstep, drum and bass genre (they are also at iTunes and Beatport) which were so close to the game background tracks I frequently listen to. Biogenetic Records are quite new to the industry but their tracks are ear candies and I’m glad I got a chance to work for them . Business was done through emails and they were easy to reach and prompt to response. They listened to my suggestions as I listened to theirs. I’d be glad to work for them again if my schedule permits me; they asked me last week if I could work on a new project for them but I had to decline due to other priorities and deadlines.

All are done in Photoshop CS3. Some images are from a stock image site, properly asked permission from owners. One was provided by the employers themselves.

I wasn’t really into a grunge effect kind of designing and I thought I’d probably won’t do good but Biogenetic had liked the outputs. I’m just glad they did.

(A little shout out to my mentor – Kuya Raymond – for helping me through these too. Thank you for your guidance and suggestions and pom poms.)


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