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Henshin Dekinai – a first try of love

I’ve been a great fan of Tohru Kosaka and Shinozaki Hitoyo-tandem; their yaoi-comedy manga Okane Ga Nai has been in the list of my yaoi-genre favorites ever since I read it two years ago. The illustration-style, characters, the plot and the hilarity in-between won me over and I knew I wanted to pay my tribute to this really fun manga.

Then came their recently published work, Henshin Dekinai and I fell in love even more. Probably because I can very much relate to the protagonist – Someya Kaoruko – and his low-confident self. And his desire to change himself to get the approval and support of the ones he loves the most. The story progresses into him meeting someone who is completely his opposite and yet complements his weaknesses. I honestly love every bit of Henshin Dekinai.

And then I found myself crossplaying him a month ago. *laughs*

“I hated myself and I wanted to change! If I changed… If I changed to something else maybe my Father would—

–that’s what I thought.” – Someya Kaoruko

As a first try to crossdressing, I fervently studied the how-to’s of make-up and poses. I could relay about the times of trials and errors of everything because I’m overly compulsive like that. Crossdressing has always been a frustration of mine and I wanted to do justice to the characters I like and relate the most. Cosplay is one of the few ways to show my appreciation and respect to the character and creators. I wanted to do good and be better each time.

I still have a long way to go and a list of characters I want to portray! Must practice more and collaborate with my friends who help me fulfill these spazztic dreams of mine. A delightful shout out to my photographer, Rani-rani, for her enthusiasm and determination (and egging! :D) before, during and after our shoot together. Thank you!

So if you’re into a good dose of comedy-romance between a lovely and fashionable Okama and an ex-yankee car Mechanic, go read Henshin Dekinai and see how Someya and Honda’s relationship would turn out — whether Someya approves of it or not. (Warning: YAOI-content)

* For more Henshin Dekinai photos, here at my

* Photographs by: Lanivi R.

* Someya Kaoruko,  Henshin Dekinai (c) Tohru Kosaka and Shinozaki Hitoyo


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