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Pre-Cosplay Mania ’12

Everyone is gearing up for the largest, most anticipated and highly talked about cosplay event happening in the Philippines in a few day’s time — Cosplay Mania ’12. Scheduled on the weekend of the 29th and 30th at the SMX Convention Center, con-goers, watchers, enthusiasts, hobbyists, cosplayers and a more can expect a jam-packed activities ranging from various outlets of crafts, videos, illustrations and performances from noon until evening. What differs Cosplay Mania event from other events occurring almost every month is the invitation of international Cosplay guests who are very, very popular in this community and the invitation of other cosplayers of this land through contests occurred several weekends ago.

With technologies and communications advancing, what was only seen online and shared now made physically-possible with organizers inviting foreign guests to the country. Perhaps this is the charm of the growing community — local enthusiasts bridging with foreign enthusiasts. Evidently, these quests are happily awaited by local fans — having to second-handedly witness their [the fans] glee on the internet, sharing their anticipation that they cannot wait to meet the guests. I can relate to this spazztic feeling, back when I attended Fantasy Quest II to see the wonders of the venue and to meet the invited quests. It was both a surreal and delightful feeling and thereafter a realization that these guests are just like you and me who are into the hobby and  like to extend this interest to the hobby to others.

This is one of the those great opportunities connecting and making friends. Cosplay Mania ’12 is. I’ve experienced such things beginning 2005 that events catering to a certain cluster of enthusiast find themselves knowing and growing together — good or otherwise. Also, venue! A good time to shoot donning your favorite attire and make use of the facilities: SMX Convention Center is a well-lit place and has the contemporary interior design all over and more outside the venue with the sea, the park and larges spaces around SM Mall of Asia.

I knew I wanted to go and attend this event, having it announced 3-4 months ago. I also knew I shouldn’t miss a big gathering and see for myself what is new and what remains. It has been a while since my last cosplay event and this will be a somewhat debut of my love for the hobby as well (with my usual buddies!). Let’s see what is in stored this coming Saturday for everyone!

To know more about this event, their Website has everything for your queries and more details about the listed activities, guidelines, etc. You can also note your attendance in their Event page on Facebook.

So, are you going to Cosplay Mania ’12 this coming Saturday or Sunday?


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