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Game Over!!

Cross-posted at my Deviantart: Game Over!!

– or at least that’s what this character says all the time, incessantly. A punch line, if I could describe. This one particularly nagged me to draw him; demanding attention even in my waking hours, telling me sketch him soon since he wanted a body and face.

So body and face he has. He belongs to the villain side of things. Or at least I want him to be. I also imagine him to be unreasonably obsessive to things he likes, has short temper and attention span. He doesn’t listen and doesn’t commit; he’d go his on ways and come reliable when situation calls for it. He also cannot be without his headphones and gaming console. He doesn’t eat much.

His name… I lost it somewhere. I’d probably think of it if the protagonist of his story suddenly appears in my head… like he did.

* Paint Tool SAI
* Adobe Photoshop CS3


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