About False Lashes!

I’m quite bitten by the Falsies bug since a year ago; finding quite the solace wearing it since my real lashes are all heads-down and uncooperative like that. Before then I was at wars with wearing a pair since I didn’t know how to wear at all. And because I didn’t know how resulted to discomfort.

I thought I won’t get pass it. I’m glad I tried again!

I overcame the discomfort, finding out the proper way of placement through Japanese magazines and online tutorials. Since then I turned quite the huge fan of it: going around places to find myself various designs and lengths for bargain prices. Before I knew it, wearing false lashes has been a-must for events I attend to. Or the times I perform and cosplay. I also wear a pair during somewhat-normal days.

Part of my falsies-hunt and experiences are interesting discoveries of different types of False Lashes: Natural, Lengthening, Volumizing and Dramatic ones. Well, these are just based on personal experience. I’m really no expert about this. *laughs*

Natural Type – are with somewhat equidistant bristles, are thinly and short. They are great for those daily outings as it adds a little ooomph on the overall eye-make up.

Lengthening Type – are with longer bristles and a great taken (by photographs) in 3/4 view.

Volumizing Type – are those with varying bristle lengths, sometime criss-crossing or noticeably thickly-looking than others. They are great for events as it draws gazes at the wearer’s eyes. Looks glamorous on camera too!

Dramatic Type – are usually seen on couture shoots and can be made out of other materials like feathers; has varying designs and colors as well.

I usually wear the Natural and Volumizing types. Hee!

False lashes do no simply stop just from being used for the upper lash line; there are also Lower Lashes available on the market. They are quite tricky to put on and I’m still in the process of conquering it so I’ll get back on lower lashes some other time. *sheepish laugh*

There also a selection of lash glue found in the market – the kinds that are white but clears over time. There are also the already “clear” glue so you wouldn’t have to wait for it to sit. I personally use black lash glue since it sits great on my eye-lined eyes. Previously though I struggled with using black lash glue because if placed wrongly, parts of the glue are visible and it can get quite messy. *laughs* It takes a lot of practice and patience to use it but it gets great overtime.

This one’s a volumizing type; below shows a black lash glue.

I recorded a step-by-step process that I do for an everyday adventure. I’d be happy to show you just how enhancing False Lashes are and very fun to wear. I was inspired by Japan’s street fashion – Gyaru – for it. Though I have a very long way to go to really achieve the look they do! Must practice more.

So right after the normal preps, I ringed a brown eye-shadow over my eyes, fading just below the lower lash line. Don’t forget your brows too! Neat them up and pencil them if needed, like mine here. *laughs*

Next is eye-lining the eye with black pencil, followed by liquid liner. I’ve just recently went back to using pencil only because it’s much more easy controlling it to draw a line on my lower lash line than with liquid. It gets messy, it’s frustrating! But, anyway. I curled my lashes and applied white eye-liner near the tear ducts, running towards the opposite for an eye-enlarging and neat effect.

This is the part where the magic begins: I only rely on my fingers when putting Falsies and that itself took a lot of trials and errors before. I almost resorted to buying those “lash applicators” that are seem to be available on the market but nothing is more cheap than with fingers. Oh, you can also use tweezers if you happen to have shaky hands. That also works.

You’d immediately see the difference between here. Nice, yeah?

And there you have it, a nice pair of eyes glamoured by false lashes. They are really pretty to look at, with the way the bristles add interest on the eyes. By experience they are also noticeable.

And onto the before and after look…

So where are the best places to purchase Fake Lashes? For starters and convenience, Saizen Store (like in Ali Mall, Robinsons East, Robinsons Galleria, etc) have a huge selection of quality fake lashes for PHP85/pair ($2.5/pair). They are made out of good synthetic materials and are light on the eyes (feels like it’s barely there!). I believe any Nichido branch is also selling pairs of falsies, likewise Etude House. I remember this rack of false lashes found in SM Cubao Department store, first floor, by the cosmetic areas having a great selection of designs as well, with a Western-market feel to it.

That, or hunt around Divisoria Malls like 168 and 999 for bargain prices. I’m more into looking around Divisoria because I get a lot of pairs and I can buy it on wholesale for a good price as low as 200PHP/a box of 10 ($4.83/box) and I quite enjoy the hunt!. The only difference between budget lashes and branded lashes are the comfort factor and material of it: budget lashes tend to feel a bit heavier and stiff (and when it’s heavy, the eyes get tired quickly — true story bro!) but the look effect is still in par with branded ones . Budget lashes tend to break easily too and aren’t as reusable as branded ones.

Oh, yes. I reuse my good lashes up to three times — depends on the dried cluster of glue on the lash bone though. When it gets thick, it doesn’t look nice anymore.

So, there! Eyelashes! The fun, the hassle and a lot more in-between. A little heed though: if ever you are planning to wear lashes with contact lens, make sure to wear the lenses first! I can imagine the epic struggle of wanting to wear the lenses AFTER you placed the lashes. That’d definitely be as;dfkdsfkl but that’s just me.

Much thanks for reading this! I hope it helps you and your falsies endeavors.


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