Botanical Choice’s Nose Pore Strips

Or commonly known here as Purederm’s Nose Pore Strips but I was stand corrected when I visited Adwin Korea Corp’s website. This amazing strips are under Botanical Choice — along with other subproducts such as Purederm, Skinlite and more. It was just out of sheer curiosity that I got my hands on these some months ago; I was suffering from awful blackheads ever since and I wanted to use strips — the kind where it gets the job done and actually works. Lo and behold, this one takes the cake! I even introduced this product to my friends and they share the same satisfaction as I with it.

Let us carry on~

Botanical Choice’s Nose Pore Strips product comes in two packages, different variants (Aloe, Tea Tree, etc.) and placement (nose, chin and forehead). But the package for nose-placement of 3 strips has Aloe variant only. I think that’s alright since Aloe has tons of benefits to skin in general. And these strips are individually sealed too. Nifty thinking!

Instructions and cautions found on the back are in English, French and Spanish. Very, very easy to follow so remember to diligently do every step!

The actually pore strip fresh from its seal. You can guess it is designed to fit snugly on any noses. As for chin and forehead, the strip has one only design that fits perfectly on any of the two mentioned places of the face. I sometimes cheat though: when I get to buy 6 strips, I cut and use the strips anywhere so long as I see erupting blackheads. *laughs* Economizing!

On a very damp face, peel off the strip and place it like so. I tend to get very OC over the placement so I always make sure to get those nose nooks and crammies covered. I don’t want missing to remove stubborn blackheads.

You’d wait for the time for the strip to work: you can actually feel it stiffening minutes later. The adhesiveness caused by the water on the face turns dry and “bites” into every blackhead it can get. Take it from me who has awful blackheads and large pores: it really really works.

Dusty aftermath, ain’t it? Oh, it is most advisable to peel off the strips towards the center.

Aheh. The naked truth, revealed! *laughs*

I have the largest blackheads right in the middle of my nose and Botanical’s Choice Nose Pore Strips gets them so easily like this. It’s actually amusing to see the peeled off strip and find these tiny dirts on the nose. You wouldn’t realize you have so many blackheads until then!

The after-feel of the peeling-off is probably the only thing I dislike with the process: it itches. *laughs* That’s my experience though. I’m not sure if others also experience the after-feel. Nonetheless, the nose smoothens and is now blackhead-free.

With all the pore strips I tried and used for the past years, this one is the only one I’d definitely keep using because of its effectiveness, easy-to-follow instructions and price tag. The 3-strips package is worth 79.95PHP/$1.93 and the 6-strips is around 170PHP/$4-ish (if I’m not mistaken though). They are commercially available, along with other Botanical Choice and Purederm products at Watson’s, particularly the branches at Gateway, SM Cubao, SM Megamall and more.

So have a try with Botanical Choice’s Pore Strips! And let me know if you share the same experience as I do.


4 thoughts on “Botanical Choice’s Nose Pore Strips

  1. My first time using nose pore strips! It did a great job as my nose is now free from blackheads.
    p.s : this package only costs 28.000 VNĐ (about 55PHP) in Vietnam (;

    1. Works wonderful, doesn’t it? I’ve been keeping me packs of it just in case I need to do some blackhead cleaning. Although recently I’ve learned a technique to keep blackheads away and make my nose’s skin smooth: by using a soft scrubber (the kind where it has soft, rubber bristles).

      I use the scrubber after my usual facial cleaning and rub gently on top and sides of my nose. after that, the skin gets very smooth! *laughs*

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