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Post-Halloween Parade Experience

A Happy Halloween to Marikenyos and Marikenyas!

Marikina’s enthusiasm about today’s Halloween Parade was remarkable — the throngs of curious watchers, participants and general number of audience were so many that it filled the entire road of Shoe Ave. and along Sumulong St!

At Freedom Park. So many folks already!

I was delighted to be accompanied by my buddies- Ranirabbit and Che – today and headed straight to Freedom Park after a  quick personal errand. It was already 5PM and pathways were filled with people already. Back 2011, there were rooms to go about and shoot. Perhaps this year’s Parade was anticipated by many – fellow Marikenyos and outsiders – because it was the time of the year to get spooked and be the spookerer (wha– lol!). This reminded me of overhearing the whines and sobs of children earlier – how they were afraid of the monsters flocking around. Their parents assured them those monsters were unreal and were only in costumes. I almost chuckled at the cuteness of that.

Monster with a meter-long tongue. Possibly longer. OH MY!

I focused on photographing ghouls and the bloodied since I wanted to see what kind of grotesque creatures were created inside people’s mind. Nothing disappointed me at all; the ghoulish participants were interestingly-made and looked like they just jumped off from a nightmare. The creatures were kind of like a mix of Filipino scary folklore and of the West.

Ghost Busters are here!
Dextrosity, with the Tending Devil — my favorite!

But, yeah, definitely Filipino nonetheless.

I liked the part that these participants would make sure to scare the wits out of bystanders. One moment they would be  just  following the parade until some of them would run after kids and adults and fright them. The screams were a delight to my ears. Have a taste of Halloween, people!

Group category was the most amusing part of the parade; we saw groups Ghost Busters, Dragonball, “Hungry Birds,” Alice in Wonderland, Payaso, Batman (Bat…men? *laughs*), Lord of the Rings and more. The memorable group that really scared the people was this, err, a mobile household of monsters that were “giving birth” to another monster. I wish I asked what it was (I didn’t though… the people were busy) but I overheard something about Aswangs. This group made it more convincing with the the “Mother” screaming in such high-pitched voice. I loved it really!

Birth of a demon – a first-hand witness!

It wasn’t all fright and screams during the parade; there were groups of partying individuals dancing to Oppa Gangnam Style and with frantic party lights. Much like of colorful fiestas on the streets only most of them were dressed to scare. Have I mentioned that these groups were various local offices and departments of  Marikina? They sure knew how to party with the city!

Delighted Deck of Cards

But as all parties done on the streets would garner interested watchers and curious folks, traffic might have troubled those who were unaware of the event. I sincerely hope these peoples on cars, jeeps and FXs weren’t too bothered by it and would find themselves curious instead. The amount of people really filled the place.

Firebreathing? Marikina can!

My buddies and I didn’t follow the parade to Patio del Zapateros but I was interested to find out the winners of the many categories there. Oh well. We still had fun! And I was really glad I attended it the second time. All worth the ninja moves and running just to photograph this really fun fun fuuun spectacle!

At Cityhood Park

Until the next parade, thank you Marikina City and to the organizers of this Halloween Parade! You can see more of the pictures/photos here at my Facebook! (Let me upload it first. DONE!)

If you happen to be there during the Parade, let me know what you thought of it! Did you enjoy it too like we did? Share it here!

Yay for today!



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