Personal Trots

Hello! It’s Jiandra right here and it has been two months since I started this little carnival place. So far this blog has been stuffed with majorities of Dark~Sweet~Soul and local festivities of my city. And there are bits of my cosplays and photos too.

I hope you guys stick with me and my mayhemetic tendencies as I try to cover a lot of things. *laughs* I seriously have too many hobbies going on — quite a Gemini thing too. I already have a list of places and events I want see for myself and experience. Also, topics I want to discuss. And there are also a lot more of my leather works coming in soon. There are so much to review as well — beauty products, cafes and others.

My recent escapade is the picture right there: a cosplay shoot of my favorite exorcist from the anime and manga – D. Gray-Man – in gothic-punk casual attire. I had wanted to use my leather works for this particular shoot and I’m quite satisfied with the results, all thanks to my supportive buddies.

Since I’ve been practicing a lot of make-upping (tee hee!) that teeters to crossdress, I’m contemplating whether I should write tutorials for it as well. General make ups and for cosplay. Ah. But I figured it is too soon for me to do so — I should practice more first so that I can make better tutorials for other. Do let me know your thoughts on this? *shy shy*

You’ll see more of my trotting surely! That’s why I’m most grateful to you guys for sticking with me. Hope to able to talk with you guys more. *shy llama smile*


* For more D.Gray-Man photos, here at my

* Photograph by: Lanivi R. | Assisted by: Chesca D.

* Leather accessories: Dark~Sweet~Soul

* Allen Walker,  D.Gray-Man (c) Hoshino Katsura


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