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Major project progress and loving Leather even more

This perhaps the second time I’d be talking about my favorite medium – leather – and my escapades with it. Until the very last of my academic endeavor, it would seem that leather would always and will be the field I find myself going creatively crazy. Sometimes I’d consider doing textile since it is easier to manage compared to designing with hard, uneasily sewn leather but…

Ah~ leather speaks more of my persona I suppose: Flexible. Sturdy. Different. Slick.

Hi Brother, my older sister’s machine!

Today I made quite a nest-mess inside my room — making it my atelier for designing and producing the remainder of the products of my thesis. Where do I even begin talking about my thesis? Well… for one it’s the complete opposite of Dark~Sweet~Soul and I’m loving every bit of  its uniqueness. I can’t completely show my thesis yet but for those who had seen them – up close and personal, friends and family – were charmed by the designs. I’m growing fond to it, to the point that I’m deciding to release this as sister line of DSS next year (that is, if my thesis goes smoothly… hopefully).

Mess. Mess everywhere. ^^;

I’ve been handling DSS for almost 5 years already and I’m quite thankful that I still haven’t run out of  design ideas — as long as there’d be more raw materials to see and hunt… and things to experiment here and there, then there are still a lot more to create. Having another line that is a complete opposite of DSS is like a breathe of fresh air — something new to look forward to, something different and something of my interest again (which roots from other interests).

Swatches from my thesis & tiny bits of design hints. Tee hee!

Thank goodness me and leather are in good terms, going great even. Moreso with the sewing machine that I’ve been eying to use for my dress-making dreams and whatnot. I’d honestly think I’m in the fashion side of things, wanting to create products to be worn and use. For now I’d happily focus on making accessories first before jumping ship to making clothes.

Sew sew sew on leather~

I wonder if this is really my calling? Making a brand name of some sort. In any case, I can’t wait to invest on the brand I’m doing for my thesis and release them soon. :’D Once again I feel like a proud mother of my little tykes. *laughs*


4 thoughts on “Major project progress and loving Leather even more

      1. tell me more about it pls, do i have to go to marikina pa to order or do they deliver naman? I’m thinking of a project kasi, braided leather bracelets. how much naman? Is it per yard? THANKS!

      2. I’m sorry but I’m unsure about delivery since I always buy my own leather stocks at their places. There are a lot of leather suppliers, left and right. And I believe a standard 120PHP/yard is the price for synthetic leather.

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