Personal Trots

Pleasant day, everyone! Jiandra here with minimal updates since the month started. Things have been hectic with juggling academics and many other commitments. ^^; I’m still in the look out for interesting events that would be happening soon this Christmas season and hopefully to squeeze in time to cover them. Before the year ends I do hope to get more photos around and write about things. For now I’m looking forward to attending BLush Con 2012 on the 9th with Cinnamon Rub (our Meatballs Fetichinne tandem!); here I am wearing the accessories I’ll be selling there. I’m quite happy to share that the reception for the Spiked Neko Ear accesory has been good so far and I can’t wait for them to be worn by others. *giddy giddy*

For the recent follows by WordPress users, I thank thee for your time and interest to see the many carnival things I’ll be posting. Let’s talk and get to know more of each other! I’d also thank those who stumble upon this blog for Marikina City-related articles — I find it very endearing that you and many are as interested as I am about the city! I’ll make sure to write more right after hurdling a huge test this February 2013! Let’s do this!

Cheers, everyone!


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