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A First to Experience — BLush Con 2012 Report

Before I begin with everything I remember that happened during the event, I’d like to take this time to thank my booth partner – the main man! – for letting me team up with him: Cinnamon Rub/ScottWM. It was such a pleasure and I can’t wait for the next Meatball Fetichinne tandem we’d be doing. Go to his website and feast your eyes with his yummy graphic works!

BLush Con 2012 was the first yaoi/BL event I got myself into, even though hearing of its existence during the previous years as the former Lights Out. I had the initial plan to be Scott’s merch-watcher/client-puller/happy-mascot-volunteer but he invited me to join him and create a design line that would have the same denominator as with him: Fetish. Thus MEATBALLS FETICHINNE was born. We waited for this day (no, months!) with anxious hearts but more determined to pull it through since it was both our first time in everything and wanting to make it good- selling, merchanting (lol teerm) and the like.

Stepping inside the event hall around 10:30AM, we began our picnic both designing — as our agreed booth theme since Meatballs… fetichinne….. you know where this is going. *happy waggling brow*

On the process picnic booth. Don’t you just love that table cloth right there? And, oh, NYAI comic spotted!

My OC self was truly kicking in, arranging and rearranging our products together in a harmonizing way. I was really glad to be prepared, bringing with me what could have been needed just in case. After a while visitors began entering the venue hall, signaling show time.


I like the fact that everyone there was really friendly and easy to converse with. They were such a curious bunch, supportive as well — inquiring about our products and testing it out before buying them. The venue made it all comfortable for everyone to shop, to listen to talks and discussions, to read at the Library full of yaoi mangas and to shoot around. (But arrrgh too much cold on our booth when we were situated directly at the air conditioning machine. Headaaache!)

Happy buyers!

By the time it was almost 3PM, my merchandises were all sold. *HAPPY!* And a few minutes more, so was Scott’s. Personally I didn’t expect mine all to be taken; I was ready to sell whatever that was left (which I thought would be many) since my online clients are wanting what I was planning to sell at the event. I’ve yet to make a poll about what they’d want Dark~Sweet~Soul to release soon (and by soon, I mean, most likely, after my Thesis Defense).

Scott, a pretty boy guest and Squid — the booth mascot.

The memorable scenario I truly grew fond of was the visitors’ inquiry about Scott’s Special and Regular editions of his comic: what difference it had between the two. And their faces were all prices when we told them what it was. *laughs* Frontal attack, no reservation– just a quick remark of, “The Special? More porn!”

Personally I quite enjoy just inviting people to our table, talking to them and making sure to be attentive, alert and witty (well at least I hope I was…?). Impersonal communication somewhat… but not exactly since it warmed me greatly having to see my items being spazzed and loved. And then being bought thereafter. My litte tykes~~~~

BLush made sure to cater whatever needs we yaoi-fans loved truly — talks, books, products, an avenue to everything that was BL-related and BL-camaraderie. It was a first to experience it and I can’t wait for their next event! I’ll definitely be signing up and joining the delightful bandwagon.

Library of BL goodness

I hope everyone enjoyed the event as much as I did! It was more than selling what I had on our booth — it was seeing people’s faces and interest towards our items that I really liked the most. Thank you those who bought from Meatballs Fetichinne. And a very very heartfelt thank you to BLush!

My pass, our Meatballs Fetichinne logo and personal-use Spiked Neko Ears

Me and Scott thank you guys again! Until our next serving of Meatballs Fetichinne!

Blurred but… me and Scott! THAT MASK IS KILLING ME! XDDD

For more photos, at my Facebook! You might find yourself in there! *laughs* Cheers, everyone!


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