Rurouni Kenshin — 5 Reasons To Watch It


Rurouni Kenshin (or more popularly known as Samurai X) was a gift to us 90’s people. Our local channels did air the anime series (in Tagalog dub) and also to cable channels (subbed!) and I could still hear the first OP – Sobakasu – ringing pleasantly inside my ears. Upon finding out a movie was being made and produced months before, a lot of fans rejoiced at the idea… and even more interested on how a historical-setting and action Chanbara story would be made real — convincingly.

I had the chance to watch the film a day ago and let me just point out the things that made it spectacular and rightfully raved by the lot. I’ll be speaking in a technical sense (and own opinion) since that was how it got my little heart. And I’m quite particular at those kind of factors so…

(WARNING: may contain spoilers!)

5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Watch Rurouni Kenshin:

1. Dramatic lighting and colors — now anyone cannot miss how homely the Kamiya Dojo was. I think the lighting made it more convincing how just “warm” and “welcomey” the place was. The change of “temperature” really supported the mood of each scene — from cold blue of the first feature of the war, warm yellow during the shots of the city and festivals and sinister grey and browns at the mansion. I like how those were evident all throughout the movie.

2. Beautiful fluttering props — during eventful scenarios such were Kenshin’s first scar or when he and Sanosuke were raiding the mansion, Sakura petals and money (respectively) were flying everywhere. And such “uncontrolled” motion of the props added more feel of that particular scenario. Though I like to focus what was occurring at that moment, the fluttering props were great touches and not even distracting.

3. Camera angles and shots — this. THIS RIGHT HERE. I could praise this on and on and on about how well everything was angled nicely and beautifully like every scene was suited to be a photo. It was as if every second of the movie meant to be photographs. Am I the only who is spazzing over this? Right at the begin it was the first thing I noticed.

4. Timed Comedy — though I vaguely remember which part of the anime series that had humor in it exactly (ah, but I do remember the Onsen episode and an artist wanting to paint Kaoru. That was hilarious!), I just know that Rurouni Kenshin is not entirely dramatic/heart-clenching. And that perhaps balanced out well the movie when I thought it was pure seriousness due to the setting and timeline – war aftermath and Kenshin’s past. I like how it was doused a good amount of humor as breather to us already-at-the-edge watchers.

5. Characterization — I praise how well the actors played their roles. From Kenshin’s formal way of speaking and coined Oro-expression or Sanosuke’s brash way of speaking but remained his principles to Megumi’s flirty but full of mystery self or Kaoru’s upright view of Kendo or Yahiko’s bluntness – it was as if I was really really watching anime only there were real people on it. They made the movie even more convincing.

Bonus reason: FIGHT SCENES. You have to see the fight scenes. C’moooooon.

There you have it. Five reasons why you should go out there and watch the movie on the big screen. For fans or for the curious bunch, Rurouni Kenshin is definitely all worth the money you spend on and a good chance to get together with your buddies to see it. You’d find yourself flailing (like I did) of how nostalgic yet refreshing, all stuffed creatively the film is.

If you’ve finally watched the movie, let me know what you think of it! Like it? Love it? Something’s off? I’d be happy to hear it!


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