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The 2013 Wishlist

Or also known as my I-will-try-to-acquire-these-within-twelve-months challenge thing. Or subtle hints (what subtly?  That ain’t subtly!) of what I want to have on my birthday… which is in four months’ time.

I’m not one expecting for it: receiving a gift during birthdays or special days. So I’m not giving one at all. I don’t mind not receiving anything, so long as time one spends with me is of utmost mutuality. When I actually do give gifts (and in such rare occasion might I add), it’s an outlet of, uh, strong emotions. I find myself giving handmade gifts to those I feel strongly for. Loved ones and friends.

(then insert some fond memories here)

Well, anyway. Today’s wishlist is a jumble of my hobbies and interest (and business. Kekekeke~). From beauty stuff of palettes and hair towels to a large bag of cookies and sunflowers. A lot more of a variety of them in-between actually. Without further ramblings.. and in no particular order:

Disclaimer: photos are taken from Google. I do not own any of them.

1. Apron – for my cooking-loving self. I make a mess of myself during cooks and preparations so I really need an apron. I ought to really make one for myself but… eheh.


2. Cheese Grater & Peeler – in line with another cooking-related items, the grater and peeler we have here are… a little old. And faulty. Gutta have new ones of these.

3. Square-shaped Glasses and Pitcher – *laaaaaughs* Because I have thing for angular objects, especially of things that aren’t “square” normally. I saw this kind of glassware at my grandmother’s and I just have to have one in our dining set.

4. Monopod – during my impromptu photowalks which extends until evening hours, I’m having a hard time shooting without a stabilizer (I make do with what I have around but…). A tripod is too bulky for me so I think a monopod and Fuji-san will work well together with me. Aheh.

5. Decoden Headphones (of sweets and chocolates) – which isn’t purchaseable as it is. These kind of designs start from a regular and normal one (any headphones) and is decorated like so (the decoden). I opted to design one for my use but I’ve yet to buy the decoden materials… which I heard that are available at Toy Kindgom? Must check.

6. Atlas/Cartograph Design Bag – I honestly have a thing for old map design bags. Or covers. Or anything. They just look so classic and sophisticated. I love it really.

7. Silver Belt Rings – for the bondage-loving self. I wanted an odd kind of ring. *smirk smirk*

8. Sunflowers – I love sunflowers. I kinda wish they grow here on our yard. They’d definitely light up the place. Hee~

9. Keeblers’ Chips Deluxe Cookies Chocolate Lovers – I’mma huuuuge fan of this cookie product, especially it’s all stuffed with real chocolate goodness.

10. Make-Up Brushes – the kind where it has more brushes for various usage? I’m aiming for the… uh.. 16 pieces/set.

11. Concealer Palette – thiiiiiis. I’ve been really wanting to have this on my hand. My make-up sprees aren’t complete without a concealer palette with different shades together. *tearful fist shake*

12. Dolly Wink Products – and we’re talking about any products from Dolly Wink: shadow, mascara, blush, lipstick, concealer, liner and falsies. I kinda dream of wanting to own even just one or two Dolly Wink products. It still pains me remembering to forgo buying a few during my stay in Hong Kong two years ago. *tears*

13. Japanese Cakes – because they are made angular and cuuuute. Gutta have cute angled pastries. ‘Coz they are such delectable treats. ; v;

14. Gothic Punk Shoes – I’m gunna save up a lot for these sexy beauties. Just look at them! Hnnnnngh. I saw a few ones sold online but their sizes are larger than mine, being a size 36 1/2 and all. And lastly,

15. Hair Towel with Velcro – my (growing longer) hair is such a bother during my face cleaning time. As well as the damp hairline. Gutta have this really. I’m even planning to use this during my sleep — to sweep back my fringes. Ahehehehehehehe!

Ooooh~ I’m enjoying the list too much. *laughs* So how about you? What is your wishlist this year? How about making a post about it too? Don’t hold back and share it with me. I’d love to read through it.


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