Art Works

Fotochrome & Fotochrome Vignette

Adobe Lightroom | Adobe Photoshop CS3 | 2010

Featuring all of my photos from 2010 and beyond, FOTOCHROME (for still life, photo-journalism, events and traveling) and FOTOCHROME :Vignette (for portraiture) is a fictional company that I somehow want to create if my photography career-slash-hobby kicks off. Actually this was a homework for an ad-design class and somehow it stems out to creating a company, thus creating a serious name. Fotochrome.

What do I have right there? Portraits of my friends and my creative shoots for them. Then there are photos of various things from vacation (Hong Kong!), hotel interiors, outdoor fun and more. I love playing around with natural light, shooting pretty people and capturing a very chromatic world.

These brochures were the few ones I really liked during ad-design class — it made me really get out of my comfort zone and just try to make something really aesthetically appealing. I was honestly struggling with designing since I was more into minimal layouts aaaand I had bad horrible color judgement. Somewhat.

But I think I’m getting better. Somehow. Aheh.

Do you want to view my other photographs? I have Flickr actually! And yes, I do freelance graphic designing so if you guys are interested in getting me to do a layout or two for you, let’s talk!


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