9 PS1 Games I’d Love to Play Again!

The booming sales and appeal of newer game consoles like PS3, PSP, PS Vita, XBOX360 or Nintendo DS for the past several years have made a lot us gamers of the 90’s adapt to it, making the older consoles somewhat obsolete. Last I heard, Sony has decided to stop shipping and producing PS2 consoles altogether. Good ‘ol PS2 was our buddy for as long as I could remember.

But, yeah, it made me rethink and reminisce good times with old game consoles like PS1. The waiting for the machine to load up (and pray tell it does!), the stacks of discs since some games come in 4 parts and the first experience and whoo-hoos with obtaining controllers with analog sticks.

We had bought more than one PS1 before and I really grew up playing and being exposed to gaming and adventure and sleeping late just to play for hoooours. Me and my siblings regret nothing! And I think a huge chunk of my creative pursuits and wanting to “create a world” is because of gaming. Aheh!

So how about we look back on classic games and how they made lasting impressions to us until today? It did on me, really. Seriously! And I’m even considering buying and downloading them just so I could play them again — with all of its story plot, battle system and pixelated glory. Old games were just really really good.

Good games like (and in no particular order):

Disclaimers: photos taken from Google. I don’t own any of them.

1. Breath of Fire III, CAPCOM – it starts off with a little welp of  a dragon trying to find the reason for his existence. Now he comes across with people from different places, regions, races and along with it, creates his permanent companions. BoFIII is an RPG of fantasy adventure and mythical setting with colorful illustrations and fun characters, starting from a dragon kid, a wind princess, a wild tiger, a genius scientist and more . The plot may appear light and easy but as it goes along with the story, the deeper and meaningful the actual story gets.


2. Threads of Fate, SQUARESOFT – a spunky princess in for some world domination and a mysterious shape-shifting boy wanting power to revive someone. Both are after a special item: a Relic. Ensues more introduction of colorful characters, witty interactions and an uncomplicated plot line with special twists. ToF by Squares Soft (and this I found out ONLY NOW OMG SO LAAATE) is an unstressing game of choosing one POV from two but their stories intertwine with another. Plus eye-candy graphics as well!

3. Metal Gear Solid, KONAMI – the game that started it all (and has sequels until PS3!) with its impressive characters (and I mean, who DOESN’T know about Solid Snake?), interesting plot of an action, military-setting, with threats from a renegade group and trying to stop them before they launch a nuclear disaster. Perhaps what I like about MGS is the detailed weaponry and realistic rendering (for a classic game!). Aaaaaand that you can stealthily avoid being caught just by hiding under cardboard box. *laughs*

4. Resident Evil, CAPCOM – zombies may be the new thing right now but nothing beats old-fashioned walkers of grey skin, bald heads, grunge attire, limping movement and undying hunger (lol Jiandra. What pun was that.). Getting lost in the woods after being chased by crazy, bloody dogs and finding shelter inside the mansion may not be so bad… or is it? RE introduces the stressing game of hide-and-seek with bloody hungers and having so little save points, bullets and healing items. A sci-fi suspense of putting down a huge evil corporation and trying to survive to live to see daylight.


5. Silent Hill, KONAMI – the nightmare welcomes you in its ashen city of grotesque monsters and parallel universe switch! Or at least I think it’s a parallel-related switching (of a normal road… and then seconds later, a rusty pumpline path!?). But anyway, SH has made its mark among gamers as a psychological and frightening series rooting from superstitions and religion. A father who has lost his adoptive daughter finds out that his daughter ain’t no angel at all. What I love about SH: it’s no simple matter and brings more complicated scenarios than clear ones (FRUSTRAAAATING! But I love it!). Have I mentioned bloody creatures yet? The game scarred me enough that I couldn’t go out of the house for weeks because of it!

6. Brave Fencer Musashi, SQUARESOFT – a short tempered boy with a kick for fighting. As he is tasked to save a kingdom from an enemy, he gets more what he expects: saving kidnapped folks who turn into alliances along his adventure, acquiring scrolls and battling against creatures after creatures of different venues. BFM is an action RPG with interesting battle and in-game clock and day-night systems. I probably like the part of the longevity berries (which are only from these cute animals of the night) aaaaaand sword techniques. They’re pretty cool really.

7. Final Fantasy VIII, SQUARESOFT – me and my siblings started out with FF8 as our first FF and grew in love with it instantly. Probably because it has a loner protagonist who – along the way – grows and discovers more of himself. Set into a nameless fantasy world, the game has military schools (gardens. Gotta love the name right there!) that teach students about battles and junctions, archipelagos which has distinct cities and summoning badass Guardian Forces. The storyline is remarkable and I don’t even want to spoil it because YOU GOTTA PLAY IT YOW.


8. Parasite Eve, SQUARESOFT – a sci-fi horror of evolving creatures, rebellious mitochondria and human combustions. I’m a huge fan of PE, probably because not only the beautiful protagonist kicks ass with guns that you can upgrade with Tool (yeah, I like the Tool very much, see?) but the storyline is really really great. And all of these events occurred within seven days only! It made me feel like I’m playing through a long time within the game. I was stood corrected. Aheh. And lastly,

9. Megaman Legends, CAPCOM – aaaaah~ Megaman Legends and its colorful settings, distinct antagonists (the Bonnes and Servbots!), weaponry and upgrades, towns and diggings for Refractors. An RPG action-adventure game of missions and obtaining power resources and discovering hidden secrets inside an island. It’s a real fun plot and light on the heart, but the actiony and having to improve busters and armories that make the game more interesting.

I’d include Final Fantasy VII (being the 10th title of this post) as the most-talked, faved one and persisted-in-time among the other FF series (based on readings and acknowledgement, that is) but, to be honest, I wasn’t exposed to it at all. Not even a smidget of it. Still, everyone in the gaming world knows Cloud Strife, the Soldier and Sepiroth, the forever antagonist of all antagonist. Sepiroth even appears in PS2 games like Kingdom Hearts as a hidden boss with freaking long sword… and life. NEVER GOT A CHANCE TO BEAT HIM AT ALL!

So there you have it! Classic games. PS1. By my siblings and mine’ personal choice and taste. AND ALL THE WONDERFUL THERE IS. Prepare yourself with more of my spazzing as I really plan to play these little wondrous titles soon again… or if I manage to buy them from PS Stores and whatnot.

How about you? What PS1 games were you into and would like to play again?


8 thoughts on “9 PS1 Games I’d Love to Play Again!

    1. Thank yooou, Miss Kiki~

      BUT ZOMG. I just found out that I haven’t followed you yet! a;sdlfkds;flkdf Drat! *follows!*

      But anyway~
      YAY FOR GAAAMES! Were you also into PS1 games? Really missing them a lot.

      1. Oh yes!
        Sometimes I think that because of the restrictions in graphics and performance older games concentrated a lot more on the actual gameplay. I miss that a lot too!
        But I think we’re not alone with this feeling and some game companies start to understand that.

        So “Yay” for nostalgia, may it change the future! (Wahaha, gosh, so cheesy!) XD

      2. I wonder if you ever played.. aheh… Spyro, maybe? Crash Bandicoot? I suddenly thought of them and, oh boy, do I want to play them again!


      3. I’m actually not really the type for Jump’n’Runs but I can see the appeal. Especially with a cute dragon like Spyro! I played it, but never finished it. 😛
        I started playing “Okami”, a PS2 game. Do you know that one? You might like it!

      4. Okami? I think I’ve heard of it. Crap. I want to try playing it! a;sdlfks;flkdf is it also an RPG? * v* meep! meeeeep!!

      5. Okami is a little bit like “Legend of Zelda”, game-play-wise.
        There’s a HD version, heard it’s really good. But I’m playing the PS2 one.
        RPG your favourite genre?

      6. Ahhh~ Legend of Zelda. That title seems really popular. I’ve never had the chance to actually try playing Zelda but it seems good, based from what I pass by with its fandoms and fanarts and cosplays.

        Yes! RPG! I do like Horror games but… I’ll let my siblings play them instead of me. I tend to be really jumpy. Like from Fatal Frame. :’D Good times, really.

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