Dying to Dye My Hair – Palty’s Magic!

I’ve been sporting dark tresses since forever and nothing is more frustrating than trying to change it to a lighter color. I thought visiting salons (from a standard one to expensive ones) and enduring extended minutes of hair coloring would do the job but, alas, nothing worked. I was told that Asian hairs are really really difficult to dye and I was advised to revisit my salon weeks after weeks just so bleaching could sit well on me.

So maybe sporting a blonde hair wasn’t for me. I was ready to give up and huhuhu at the fact I couldn’t go creative with my crowns.

And then I discover Palty. And I fell in looove!

Palty Hair Dye is a DIY Japanese brand of hair coloring noted for its huge number of variants, sparkly packaging (of the face of Tsubasa Masuwaka, Palty’s previous spokeswoman) and easy easy EASY instructions in Japanese. As all kawaii Japan-made products, I find Palty’s packaging to be a real eye-candy. Kinda wishing to be working for a Japanese graphic designing firm for all the cutesy stuff there is! Aheheheheehehe~


You can read more Palty Hair Dye details here: Palty on Wikia or Homepage (in English!).

Palty, compared to other hair coloring products, is a bit expensive but I’m very much willing to shell out a few more bucks again for it. Because just when I thought I couldn’t go blonde, here I am in my sun-kissed hair glory and very much satisfied with the results. I do have the share that even though I am satisfied with the results, the expected after-color didn’t turn out and it was because my hair was really really dark. But, oh well, so long as it got me bleached and blonde, I ain’t complaining. Prepare for another hair color change soon, by the way! I’m losing it with all the hair dying I’m doing!

Before, seven months ago.

 After, four months ago until now. I used Palty’s  Hard Bleach Gold Brown.

Ah, for a gal like me who wears her hair shorter, one box of Palty would do the job. But for the ladies (or men) with a much longer hair, I’m not sure a box would suffice. But it definitely works. Palty Hair Dye really works.

Now where to get your hands on a box or two of Palty Hair Dye? They aren’t commercially available on drugstore shelves like L’Oreal, Kolours or Revlon here at my place. I bought mine from an online store called Japanichi in Multiply or find them on Facebook. A box costs 650PHP/$15.95. Not bad for achieving that years-after-years of yearning for a lighter colored hair, right?

For maintenance I used Herbal Essence’s Color Me Happy. But recently I’ve been shampooing with Palmolive’s Vibrant Color. Gunna blog about these hair-coloring maintenance another time, yeah?

Anyhoo, I hope this post encourages you to really try it. Tee hee! If ever you guys decide on getting a Palty Hair Dye, share the experience with me! I’d love hear about it!


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