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The Versatile Blogger Award!


Got myself nominated by the cool Miss Kiki of laofli (see her post about it here~), which by the way is a good blog to follow — if you’re into witty paneling and comics. Her works always give me a good snigger or two. Aheh!

  • Post the award pic on the blog. 
  • Tell everyone who gave you the award with a link to their blog. 
  • Nominate 15 more of your favorite blogs.
  • Tell 7 interesting facts about you.

Thingjiemajingie is, well, an all around carnival ride, see? I kind of liked the idea of its versatility: my blog is orderly chaotic. *laughs*

But, anyway, on to the facts!

1. I happen to belong to a Maid and Butler Cafe group – Dokissaten. Check us out (here on the Main Page, or on Facebook or on Tumblr OR on Twitter) if you want to see the roster of colorful casts and previous and future events.
My title: Up and Coming Idol.

2. Even before choosing the “idol/singer/performer” persona for Dokissaten, I’m actually already performing during JPOP/Anime events for the local scene. Last year, I sang four times, all thanks to one of the head organizers of these events I participated in. (Thank you, Kuya JP-oppa!) . Crazy Cake, a media group, recorded my last stage performance (to which you can watch here AND I’M SEVERELY SHY BUT OH WELL.) and I’m thankful that they did. *jumps and hides*

3. I crossplay. And more of my cosplay adventures can be found at my Worldcosplay!
4. I’m utterly addicted to Milk Tea. I need to at least drink a cup, with Nata sinkers, once a week. ; A;

5. I played Kingdom Hearts around the freshmen year of my college (or was it earlier than that??). AND IT WAS THE BOMB. I had almost mistaken it for a kiddie game but, my god, I’m glad I popped the CD and decided on Start Game. Ever since, KH and KH2 have a soft spot in my little heart. ❤
6. Though I’m not as active as I was before… but I was a total Super Junior fan (complete with fangirling and fanfics – which I can let you guys read if you want?). And I was even more in love with Super Junior-M. Have you seen their latest MV – Break Down? Kyaaaaa~~ QMi-shipper right here!

And lastly,

7. You guys might not encountered it yet here in Thingiemajingie but I design and specialized in leather accessories. I’m the happy proprietor of Dark~Sweet~Soul. I hope you guys could find time to look around it (via here, on tagged posts) and maybe commission me? ; v; Can’t do international shipping yet… but maybe this year I can fix it. Yeah.

And the bloggers I want to nominate: (can only reach up to 10 though >_<)
* shinashi as usual
* winsterking
* alkeme
* sweetlittlethang
* tonikyeptho

* joliemontagu
* whatkatielikes
* roseytee
* artlesspoetry
* homosapienbone


9 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award!

  1. Kingdom Hearts! Yay! KH I&II; when the story still made somewhat sense :-P.

    The facts about you were very interesting! Fun to read!

    1. Actually there was this change in gameplay in KH2? Idk if I’m the only one who noticed it but in comparison with KH1, the Disney worlds in KH2 had this… repetitive storyline? Idk what to even call it… but yeah, Sora and Co enters a world and gets into the “actual” story as what is it supposed to be.

      Say, in the Mulan world, what the actual story’s conflict occurs and that Sora just happens to be there. Same goes to Hercules or in Little Mermaid. (Am I even some sense…? XD). It was like… Sora and everyone “just happened to be there” and the story in the world continued as it is.

      It was like, KH1 had more… originality in between worlds than KH2. But, yeah, maybe that’s just me.

      But props to KH2, I totally fell in love with Organization XIII. Seriously! It was like an obsession at that time. * v* Kyaaaaah~~~ Roxas! Roxxxas!


      1. I’m not sure, but I think there were some legal issues when they started KHII; so maybe that’s why it’s kinda different. Gap between I&II: I agree with you!
        And you’re not babbling too much! It’s really enjoyable!
        Obseeeeeeeessions! XD

      2. Really? This is the first time I’m hearing about the issue. and I’m totally happy to know that I’m not the only who noticed it! Oh oh oh~~~ who’s your favorite Organization XIII member? * v* and and and World? *laughs*

        Do you also listen to bgm tracks from game? Ah.. well.. just wondering. *shy shy* I listen to them, see? Got a playlist of them and it helps listening to them while I draw or something.

      3. So I’m not the only one listening to video game music? 😛 (Or what does “bgm” stand for?)
        I can’t decide on my favourite world. Favourite organisation member is difficult too; I really like Roxas though.
        And you? (Sorry it took me so long to come back to you!)

      4. Oh, BGM = Background Music.
        KYAAAA you listen too? This is so niiiiice to know. I’ve really had the habit of downloading them: soundtracks from FF8 and FF9. Oh speaking of FF9, I’m playing it again. *laughs* It’s only now that I realized that they sometimes have sarcastic conversations with each other.

        Roxas. ROXAS. ❤ yeees~! I think i remember disliking him first because I was a Sora fan. So when I started playing KH2, I was like, "WHEREBEMYSORAWHOAREYOOOOU"

        …and he turned out to be such a cutie. ; v; I really like the idea of the keyblade too. And if we're talking about creativity and aestheticism, the designers behind the keyblade of the game is just a;sdlfksd;lfks;l ; v; they are all so FABULUS.

      5. Must be such a cool job to design all those Keyblades. Not easy, but in the end fun and fulfilling.
        Wish I’d get a project like that one day too!

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