Art Works

15 Italian Illustrations

Got myself landed an illustration job back October oops, I mean June 2012 and only now I got the time to post it. Kinda vague with the details because my memory is kinda… blegh right now.

I do remember it was for a company that wanted to offer a quick and easy mass messaging/communications during emergencies, say, heavy snowfalls or rains, fires, earthquakes, drought and etc. from the computers to various electronic gadgets like laptops, smart phones or tablets.

My Italian employer instructed that he wanted “Mayor Angelina” as the main subject of the project since he wanted the company to offer their services to authorities which could relay these messages to their townfolks. Or at least I think it was kind of like that.

Used Pain Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop CS3 here. This and many other illustrations before the year ended was the kind of style I was still fiddling around. So yeah, compared to now this one’s kinda simple in stroke and colors. Anatomy is still the same but this time I’m trying to fix rendering the fingers than doing a simplified one.

I personally like Snowfall Panel. And the Earthquake Panel. It was fun doing them. Aheh.  I especially liked the paper texture too. Gutta practice more with textures really. * v*


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