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M’Lady, For the Modern Princess

I’m glad to share that I passed my Thesis Defense yesterday, with flying colors might I add. And everything was truly unexpected, starting from presenting my works to the reception of the designs.

Honestly speaking, the positive responses about M’Lady were noticeable when I did early test drives with the bags – using them when I went out to frolic like the usual. I had gotten about a handful of eager remarks and inquiries about them but I could only tell them that it was for my thesis.

I thought perhaps it was all by coincidences that I got these interesting reactions from people. I was kinda sure that only a cluster of people would like it.

But then my siblings loved the designs. So did my barkada. And then even my barkada’s parents like it too. Strangers also asked me about it as well.

Everything came down to one remark towards the bags, shoes and accessories: “They’re cute!” or “Ancute naman~~”

And that is because M’Lady aims to be cute and sweet in designs, for princesses like you and me. *happy claps* So here they are!

Brand Logo

M’Lady is a fashion line of shoes, bags and other accessories inspired from Japan’s street fashion and lifestyle: Hime Gyaru and Hime Lolita, having the characteristics of “princessy” on each designs. The line revolves around natural colors with touches of wealth such as beiges, browns, tans and maroons and pinks and has distinct elements of ribbons, bows, scallop edges and man-made materials. It aims to sell to working/non-working or studying ladies of ages 20-25, who are interested in Japanese fashion and to younger girls who want something unique and different.

Intro Ad

That had been the case of my study… until I garnered even the older market’s interest about the designs. As my Jury put it: the designs are “scholarly” and fit for professors and office clients — clearly going beyond the age bracket I placed M’Lady in. Because, yeah, princess. Who are interested in “princess” themes with adornments of ribbons everywhere and bags are stiffly in design just as I am interested with them? I like angular bags, see? And I’m quite delighted to have it incorporated in my designs.

Sustaining Ad

I was sure… I was pretty sure that only a special cluster of people would like them. But gosh I was proven wrong and was more surprised by the fact that they are generally accepted by younger ages and beyond. Prior to Defense hour, I had a quick talk to younger students and they shared their enthusiasm with M’Lady even though they had only seen it for a short period.

Seasonal Ad

The success of M’Lady as my topic for Defense wasn’t solely mine: the makers behind the production of my bags and shoes played a huge role into making quality craft fit for presentation. For the shoot and the photographs used in my campaign, my good friend Kristin Cornejo was the lady behind the lens (and you can view her portfolio here at Tumblr or on Facebook). M’Lady wouldn’t also be the princess I wanted it to be without the personifications of Lanivi Religioso, Jade Villamiel and Chesca Demdam as my muses and models. My adviser, Teacher Adrienne Zacarias and my king, my Dad, for their patience, encouragement and supervision throughout the process — couldn’t done it without them.Β  Famiglia, XLAWS, Barbars and many more of persons I knew were cheerers to M’Lady… yeah… thanks, you guys.

Promotional Ad

So what’s next for M’Lady? I was told to hold on to my illustrations and works because they are for exhibit this coming July as one of the best theses. I’ll get back on this event when details are formed and presented.

And as for production, continuing the line and getting your hands on a real M’Lady Accessory? Let’s just say you can expect M’Lady on the market soon.

Oh, you can check out the Teaser A and Teaser B too!

PS. Don’t you just love it when you run a gothic and punk accessory line… and then doing the complete opposite and releasing princess designs next? My dual self is slowly showing up this year. How surreal really.

EDITED 02/10/13: M’Lady, For the Modern Princess (part II)

M’Lady, For The Modern Princess

A proposed fashion line of shoes, bags and other accessories by Jiandra Alda.
In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising Arts, University of Santo Tomas, Philippines.

Garnered 97% Jury Grade Average in the 2013 Advertising Arts Thesis Deliberation.

M’Lady 2013 (c) Jiandra Alda
All Rights Reserved


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    1. these works posted were submitted as important academic requirements. πŸ™‚ and i was instructed to watermark them to prevent any usage.

      but i’ll take note that. thank you.

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