Personal Trots

There has been so little progress here at Thingiemajingie! But there are so many plans and topics I meant to write about so please do bear the snail pace. (*/ω\*)

Howdy! Jiandra here with some of the first few Dark~Sweet~Soul designs for the year. Ever since February ended and with me finishing my thesis (which I talked about here and here if you want to learn more of my new accessory line other than Dark~Sweet~Soul!), the adventure didn’t stop when my little prince Luca – a cutey Belgian Malinois – arrived and caused more colorful mayhem in my life.

Anyhow there have been recent follows by people too. Thank you berry much! I hope to be able to converse with you guys more. I’m, errm, a little shy but let’s be friends!

The leather accessory line is alive and kicking (from months’ hiatus) so business resumes to local clients. I still haven’t gotten around inquiring international shipping however. Are you guys still interested in buying from my designs if ever? *shy shy* And speaking of resuming business, I plan to start joining events to gain more exposure for Dark~Sweet~Soul and M’Lady. These two have been receiving positively by netizens… and hopefully it will be the same in person as well.

While I work on doing accessories, I still juggle a bit of time for cosplay shoots and conceptual ones. Have you seen the latest cosplays that I did? Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi and Gravitation — all thanks to my supportive banana-buddies for helping me realize my BL frustrations. Kekekekeke!  Some ideas are under way and due for shoots; my models are still preparing while I’ll be starting with the props. I actually can’t wait to do these. So many creative ideas popping one after the other.

There are places and diners to be visited like Cluc’s Cafe, SKOW, Sweet Madie’s, Caza Feliz and more here in Marikina City that I want to write about. Please do anticipate that! *pom poms* But, yeeeargh, slow snail pace is slow.

What else…

I had… planned to do a small blog giveaway (that is open to the Philippine residents only) as opening to M’Lady accessories but vague details are a;sldfksdf;k. Let me work on it and mark the giveaway on my 100th WordPress post to make it more special. *whistles awkwardly* I’m trying, I’m trying! Are you joining? Do you want to join? Accck.

For now, let Anime and BL mangas fill my upcoming summer and two new skills: sewing and driving. WHICH REMINDS ME. Recommendation posts on good Yaoi-genre reads are a muuuuuust! *fiery fist* With all the amount of titles that I read, the knowledge must be shared!

The heat must be getting to me. Hot hot! X’D

Cheers, everyone!


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