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Trinkets at Tabora Steet (plus more!)

At Tabora Street!

And by plus more!, we mean the delightful goods you’ll find at 168 and 999 Malls! Who couldn’t get enough of Divisoria and its large large laaaarge selection of dry goods with prices your wallet will surely love, eh? But I won’t be broad to tackle everything since today me and my buddy Joe decided on to look around Tabora Street only. And jumped next to popular malls within the vicinity.

And because I love Divisoria like this… hence a travel post!

So what does Tabora Street have? Giveaways, knick-knacks and decorations and crafts to any celebration you’d be planning to have soon: Birthdays, Christening, Marriages, (or just have your creative hands go crazy with designing and stuff) and many more — sold in wholesale and with package deals. For as low as 13PHP/$0.32, you can have your own personalized mugs, tiny giveaways and more. You can even instruct your dealer on what designs you want them to make for you. Use those secret haggle techniques you have and make good business with the sellers!

Some bunches are sold in pieces for those who’d want to craft their own… or save yourself the trouble and buy the pre-made ones right off the bat. Invitations, cake designs, draperies, cushions and more more more! Tabora Street items make it easier for those who are organizing large parties to have something to be remembered. Nifty finds in each nooks and crannies, really.

Wicker-finds ❤
Feathers, base masks, hats — costume stuff!
Tiny sewing machine! Just how cute this is? :’D

Further Tabora street are silverwares which we didn’t look at much. But if you are looking for kitcheneries and the like, Tabora Street is your haven.

So right after the funky street, it’s a short walk to malls 168 and 999 — two huge malls with floor levels of every kind of sellings. If you enjoy long walks and shopping (or simply looking around), these malls are delights to the eyes… and wallets.  For your convenience, 168 Mall and 999 Mall are well air-conditioned with stores and stores of  bags, shoes, accessories, gadgets, toys, collection, hardware tools, car accessories, beauty and salon items, upholstery, kitchen items, textiles, school supplies, bathroom and dining items… perhaps everything you could imagine these malls having. Branded and not.

168 Mall has narrow aisles while 999 Mall has larger aisles. Just saying. Aheh.

And if you’re ready to sit down and a have a good lunch, their food courts have the usual menus like Chowking, Jollibee, McDonald’s and Mang Inasal or them Chinese dishes you can choose from. Personally my taste buds would always look for Chariya’s Thai Kitchen whenever I visit 168 Mall. A MUST TRY for fans of Thai food — try their Chicken Garlic & Pepper and Crab Meat Fried Rice. Uuuuugh. I’m going hungry again.


For those who are wondering if ATMs are available inside the malls: they certainly are! BPI, Chinabank, BDO, PSBank, etc… you could find them at the basement or at the floor where the foods are.

More finds: notebooks!

Ah, shopping at Divisoria is always an adventure and a quest to find good stuff at prices you’ll definitely spazz.

It’s always advisable to visit Divisoria during the morning until past noon — when street vendors stay clear from the main roads and the sun isn’t high enough to hurt the skin. And when you do visit Divisoria, do NOT wear anything valuable and stay alert at all times. As with all the delightful remarks I say here towards Divisoria, the place is packed with people — good and bad. If possible, visit Divisoria with a companion or with someone who knows how to go around.

But, anyway, yeah. Tabora Street for your giveaway knick-knacks. Malls 168 and 999 for almost everything your heart desires — go visit these places soon and tell Thingiemajingie and the readers your own experiences!

(By the way, all photos were taken using my my|phone A838. I do miss my Fuji-san but he’s terribly ill with a whacked dial knob so I’ll be using my mobile for tricky travels like that. Phooey.)


25 thoughts on “Trinkets at Tabora Steet (plus more!)

  1. hi! good am. ask ko lng po kung saan banda ninyo po ito nakita? Iyon may mga soaps bar, bags, make-up and etc… Gusto ko po sana puntahan. AWaiting for your reply. Maraming Salamat po..

    1. Good day, Precious~

      did you mean beauty items like soap bars and make up? And fashion items like bags? almost all Divisoria Malls have them: 168 Mall, Mall 999 (the new and the old) and City Square. I’m pretty sure you won’t miss them since their noticeable in displays — especially the bags and make ups grouped together.

      Good luck!

    1. Hi, Maynard!

      There are a lot of swimsuits inside Mall 999 and 168. Not too sure about pageant costumes though. Good luck finding them!

  2. hi,can u help me find a cp # ng mga gumagawa ng invitations s tabora?pls,badly needed..tnx

    1. I really can’t help you since I’m not affiliated with any of the stores at Tabora. But maybe someone from our readers might know so I’ll publicize this comment.

      Designers, makers, printers from Tabora wanted! Just leave your store name and contact number below~

  3. Hi, Ms. Jiandra, I am an events organizer based in La Union and I have a client who wants starwars theme. I have a hard time looking for supplies through online so I plan to go to Divisoria. Can I find starwars supplies there? Please help me.

  4. hi, nice article. meron ba nabibili materials dito to make my own snow globes? and also cookie jars?

      1. hey, Jiandra, thanks for the quick response, and additional pics. That was helpful. I’ll update you if I see snow globes there. cheers! 🙂

  5. Hi im taking my chances of asking this…uhmmm where can i find Yoda of Starwars costume in Divisoria?

    1. Starwars costumes? Probably not. Majority of Divi’s costume attires aren’t based on popular series/movies.

      However you may find similar/DIY that you can put on together like long brown robes. Good luck!

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