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Happy White Day!

White Day Special 2013: Shuichi and Yuki
For more Gravitation photos: HERE at Facebook! and crossposted at Tumblr

Yuki Eiri: Gregory | (Worldcosplay | Facebook)
Shuichi Shindo: Jiandra (Worldcosplay)

Photographed by: Jiandra, Gregory and Chesca D.

Shuichi Shindo & Yuki Eiri, GRAVITATION (c) Maki Murakami

It’s a first for me to be in a pair shoot — a BL theme at that! But Gregory was really supportive despite being the sexy-hot aloof sadist of a novelist he is and Chesca joined in and made the session really fun and memorable. Happy White Day, everyone! Have you received your chocolates or sweets from your seme? Have you given love and attention to your uke?


Oh, I’m so shyyy.


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