Palty Bubble Hair Dye at SM Cubao

Earlier this week was a discovery of several Japanese and Korean brands that finally found their way on the local market: make ups, beauty regimen and the like still couldn’t get over wanting to buy Majolica Majorca though. Huhuhuhu~~  Just when I thought I could only buy Palty Hair Coloring products online, I saw these pretty things on the shelves of SM Cubao.

Rejoice! Palty Bubble Hair Dye just arrived! We are kind of late… but we are getting there. Hehehehe~

(You can read more about Palty here at Wikia.)

A box is worth 499PHP/$12.25 and the available variants are: Caramel Sauce, Chocolate Waffle, Cinnamon Churros, Raspberry Jam, Creamy Caramel and Milk Tea Brown. These Palty Foam Hair Dye/Palty Bubble Hair Dye products are being imported and distributed by the Genson Distribution Inc, the people behind distributing Purederm. You might have read my previous article about Botanical Choice’s Nose Pore Strip (which works wonders!) and Genson Distribution Inc. is the one behind giving us access to Korean beauty thingiemajingies. Hee.

Instructions in English found at the back

Imma lover of Palty since it really helped my stubborn dark hair to turn light. That’s why there shall be legitimate spazzing over Palty now being available on malls and all. Ah-hyuk~! I do hope they’ll start selling them bleach line products next.

In the next hair coloring article though, I’ll be using Beauteen’s EX Mega Bleach so expect a review about that. I can’t stop coloring my haaaair. ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ


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