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Feast like a Viking!

…and then after, sleep like a king. (WAIT. Don’t! It’s dangerous to the health!)

Eating at Vikings was one of those moments of oh-new-restaurant-to-eat-yay! kind of thing. And a great dining experience for the self and for the family thereafter. I do heed though: with so much of people coming in and dining here, it’d be best to be quick and ahead and reserve yourself a seat beforehand instead of walking-in. The restaurant is huge and stretches beyond — even the buffet and private rooms reach at the far back. What are you waiting for? Book yourselves tables and grab your lunch (or dinner!) here at Vikings. Have a Feast from the Sea!

I think I quite enjoyed the Vikings experience, especially when the servers and cooks at the kitchen are well-bred and polite: greeting you as you go and answering my curious questions of this and that. I tend to do that, ahihihi~

I’d admit that I was at lost with the huge amount of selections of food. I’m talking about Desserts (ice creams, crepes, candies, chocolate-vanilla-strawberry fountains, etc.), Kakanin, Salads and Fruits, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, barbeques and fried dishes, soups, steaks, breads and pastries. And just lots more that I couldn’t list no more since they are seriously many. So if you have an epic gastronomic appetite (I know I used to have! But, err, now…), come at Vikings and ease yourself with a modernized pirate-ish interior with attendants (who are all good-looking, I sweeear!) wearing contemporary garbs of the  seas. I kinda fancy those. Even more ahihihihi~~~

I kind of want to see the other branch at SM Mall of Asia but I don’t think I could subject myself to endless eatery and stomach delight any time soon. I still feel full like a happy Pinyata. *laughs*

For more photos, see them here at my Facebook!

Vikings, A Feast from the Sea
Buffet Restaurant
SM Mall of Asia, SM Marikina
Operating Hours: 11AM – 2PM (lunch) & 5:30PM – 10PM (dinner)

Buffet Rates*:
Weekday Lunch

  • Kids below 3ft: FREE
  • Kids between 3ft – 4ft: 288+PHP
  • Adults: 688+PHP
  • 75+ y/o and above: 50% Special Discount

Weekday Dinner

  • Kids below 3ft: FREE
  • Kids between 3ft – 4ft: 388+PHP
  • Adults: 888+PHP
  • 75+ y/o and above: 50% Special Discount

Weekend & Holiday Lunch and Dinner

  • Kids below 3ft: FREE
  • Kids between 3ft – 4ft: 388+PHP
  • Adults: 888+PHP
  • 75+ y/o and above: 50% Special Discount

* prices are inclusive of Government Taxes are subject to 5% Service Charge.

Photos are taken by My|Phone A838.

My Fuji-san is still sick. And just how many times I’m going to keep on relaying that? *tears* So difficult not using Manual mode. *fidget fidget* ಥ_ಥ


2 thoughts on “Feast like a Viking!

    1. as much as it sounds all dainty and pleasant, i felt uugh afterwards. ; v; but it was a good king of uuugh with the touch of happy-discomfort. *laughs*

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