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Little Tokyo Sunday Fiesta – A Summer Party

I did mention about attending a Japanese festival of sorts at Makati City… and competing in a singing contest. I had prepared myself the dress and the lyrics — but I was taken off guard to experience lots more than I anticipated for. And I’m talking about the ambiance of the festival, the attendees which were all mixes of nationality, fun and good humor all around..

…and winning as the first runner up (second placer).

Good company! ❤

But before I go to the actual hilarity that happened on stage, let me begin with arriving around 4PM at the venue and seeing the plaza the first time with my siblings and good friend Ate Michi (hiiiii!). Glad to say that the organizer have prepared seats and tables for guests to enjoy the view on the stage while having hot-fresh Japanese menu; the different restaurants offered various authentic dishes to choose from. And to fight off the warm-warm-waarm weather, shaved ice with flavors were available and served around. Kyandii (candies!) were being sold, even Kimonos and other Japan goods. The venue was compact but the festival feels were all around.

Good buddies-slash-couples Lei and Yoru were there too. And boy was I glad to see them.  *(*´∀`*)☆

Us fifteen contestants waited for the hour of the singing (which started quite late than I expected) as more guests came in when the sun had finally set and that the weather cooled down a bit. It was still terribly hot! Bah!

Except for my running heart and nervousness.

I had decided on joining the contest for the purpose to sing for my lost-love Luca. And with the insistence of my sibling (Hi, Ajanini!) who supported me all the way, I finally sent in my registration form two weeks before the event. I had almost almost backed out because of anxiety but then I remembered the reason why I was doing this for.

It might probably not make sense to some… but being on stage and under hot lights, I feel thrice more alive than usual. Even though my drumming heart was too much that I breathed in labors and flail unconsciously and wanting to get this thing over with, once on stage I get into a zone and feel eyes on me. I felt extremely in touched with myself and wanted nothing more than to have fun what I enjoy doing most.

..and it would seem like the judges were amused by my interestingly moe (?) behavior. I think. But I was most sure that smiles were there. Laughters too. If the enjoyment I felt was real and sincere, it would seem the feelings were relayed to everyone as well.

I got mistaken for being Japanese during the event, to my amusement actually. I’ll be more than happy to introduce myself as Filipino who really does fancy Japan Street Fashion wears. And culture. And more. I did like the fact that the event was a Japanese festival, the attendants and organizers welcomed English and Tagalog music too. As my impromptu speech after receiving the award had contained, I said, “I hope that there could be more events like this that could be enjoyed both by Filipinos and Japanese.”

(My gosh. I was seriously glad that my head was still intact. I was still in a shock after hearing my name on stage during the awarding!)

After the singing contest came special numbers of dancing and singing and lots more comical in between. You could actually hear people’s laugh anywhere! Everyone was definitely in little inhibitions due to fun company, good food and cold booze. Yep, definitely a summer party!

Thank you to my friends who cheered for me. And for those who found my quick singing entertaining. And thank you to the organizers for this event; I finally experienced partying the Japanese-way! Let’s have more festivals this summer!

Will edit this post once Hana Restaurant post the winners and their chosen tracks to perform. Just so you know, I sang Asu no Egao no Tame Ni from Gate Keepers.

(EDIT as of 2013-04-02: Miss Wendy Ballesteros won First Place! Congratulations! Omedettou! Hana Restaurant has made their post about it here!)

Aiyaaaah~ (*/ω\*) Please do watch me again perform a special number at the upcoming Visual Music Carnival 2 I blogged about a few days ago!

This was definitely more than the adventure I prepared my heart for. And look, THERE’S ANOTHER ONE IN THE NEXT MONTH. Let’s go, Jiandra! Off to make more good memories!


PS. Wish I took more photos though. But I was on standby the whole time and didn’t manage to go trigger happy.  (/□\*)・゜


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