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DSS Atelier + Going Blonde

Messy work area up ahead! Warning: stashes of leathers and silvers everywhere. Plus a quick preview of my new sun hair — even sunnier now. *laughs*

I did mention from Dark~Sweet~Soul’s page that I’d be delighted to share where and how I work my designs. As all outputs made and produced, it all would start from bases/empty canvases/raw materials and the like. No work would be as good without good foundation. Back when I began doing leather works, I was more into simplistic design that flourished to a more complicated approach. Up until now I strive for uniqueness and authenticity — probably the reason why I love doing what I do. It may sound all cheesy but all my leather works are my babies and my masterpieces and I really REALLY dislike mass producing most of them.

How do I even begin: I could either sketch the design prior to making them or I simply let my hands and mind do the designing for me (I get inspiration too, from different sources). I’d stare down at all of these available materials, calculate bits and pieces to be put together in my head, approve or disapprove it. Kind of like a hit or miss gamble but so far there hasn’t been any work that I dislike..

Bunch of crosses. I love Cross designs, see?

…except when the functionality of the accessory fails. I do sometimes wear the accessories, say, when I go out to frolic and “test” them out. I’ve had this experience of  using this really nice white leather accessory (I actually really liked!) but I miscalculated some parts thus it was difficult to put it on. Aesthetic-wise, it was alright… but if my clients struggle with wearing them then they wouldn’t wear them at all surely.

Speaking of materials, I do my hunts all over Manila and nothing delights me more than finding interesting silvers, pendants and leather designs. I’ve already seen a lot but my thirst for rare designs is making me do the extra mile and travel places to places to seek them out. Like a treasure hunter! *laughs* I’ve had this feeling when I was at Bangkok and wanting to find rare materials just to be used for the shop. Aheh.

After all the designing and the marketing comes seeing Dark~Sweet~Soul being worn by others. I’m proud to say that I’d know if that work is mine — solely because that design has no other like it.  And when my client is pleased, that makes me happy too.

I’d want my atelier to grow and expand… but juggling DSS by myself will take time for me to achieve it. For now, I’ll settle down with this little happy spot inside a shared room with my Kuya (hi, Lolo Jacy!). This one is even better than the last: me on the floor with a screaming spine doing accessory works the whole afternoon until evening in hunched position. Seriously. Bad posture!

And, oh, say hello to a blonde-haired me (fresh from the salon… and, uh, quite fresh without all the usual make-up that I do. I-I’m so shy…).

This be the first time I did two consecutive hair-coloring treatment because when I did my DIY bleaching last 27th it was terrible and didn’t get the result I wanted. Uuuurgh. So today I granted myself a total make-over and pampering (Graduation gift, maybe?) and went all sunny. Can’t wait to properly shoot with my hair like this and with accessories from the shop. Ahehehehehehe.  \(T∇T)/


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