Personal Trots

M’Lady on Facebook!

FB PrntscrnFinally! A page for my second accessory line – M’Lady, For the Modern Princess – in which you’ll find cute and sweet designs of bags and other princessy fashionable trinkets designed by yours truly. It’ll help me heaps if you could go and Like the Page here.

(and you can catch more details about M’Lady here and here too!)

And definitely you can expect a Giveaway in celebration to M’Lady’s availability on the local market. More details to be posted on my 100th WordPress blog. Hope you guys support me here, like how you support me in my first accessory line – Dark~Sweet~Soul.

M-Much thanks! ಥ‿ಥ

PS. A shout out to my wonderful buddy Chesca for accompanying me today (a M’Lady adventure!) and making me more determined and positive to run this princess line.


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