Personal Trots

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Site content update — with  M’Lady page up there (finally!). I removed the other pages and thought poorly how disorganized my website seems to be. Uuugh. So now all the important Tags are on the right now: all of my Event reports, Articles and Reviews and bits and pieces of personal things too.

My last event post was O’zine Fest 2013 and getting back to photographing made me feel quite at ease — it has been a while after all. You can see my photographs of Toys and other people’s Cosplay there.

Speaking of cosplay, I updated my Worldcosplay too. Once again Imma showing my homo-love with Someya Kaoruko and Allen Walker. And because I’ve just recently entered the Shingeki no Kyojin (by Isayama Hajime) fandom — which by the way IS THE BOMB ❤ ❤ (watch the OP here please! It’s so goood!), I’m wanting to immediately do a cosplay as tribute to this very twisted yet hooking story. I cant’ get enough it! Kyaaaaa~ *fangirl fangirl* I’m not watching the anime just yet. The manga was a delight to my very eager heart — I’m rereading through it again!

Lots of leather items from Dark~Sweet~Soul are up for grabs, jsyk. Wunna check them out? After the Visual Music Carnival event, I realized that I really want to expand my line and do more new things. Ugh. Frustrations here and there. Well. And, oh, these items are only purchasable locally — to the residence of the PH. Hope to do business with you guys!

And lastly, with M’Lady — there are three bags done. I’m waiting for the other bags to do a formal product shoot with my usual muses. I sincerely hope this would work. I’ve been into a slump state these days and trying to fight off the negativity… along with this scorching heat. Hot hot!

Catch you guys later! My 100th post shall be dedicated to M’Lady’s first Giveaway and I have three more posts to go to reach it. *laughs* Here, have a me during VMC2. Taken by the lovely Lei — my adorable sunshine buddy! Accessories are all from Dark~Sweet~Soul: spiked-buckled headband, buckled-studded choker and leather ribbon brooch. *laughs* Cheers!


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