Old Works

DSS: Magdalena’s Rose (and the ideas and names behind them)

I fancied to label this collection, like what I did with the Iron Maiden headbands. I wouldn’t say this spike-flower/rose is an original work; the idea itself has been all over the internet and from various countries for quite some time now. At first the idea didn’t appeal that much to me (ahahah! honestyyy) but then I’m starting to grow more in love with the princess theme and pearls and beads lately. I’ve been putting a lot of beadwork over at DSS too even though it’s a pain to manually chain the beads up but oh well. Relaxatiiooon~ And when I saw the rows and colors of roses and flowers I can get from craft stores, I went into an “internal-designing-mode-on” since then. I needed to experiment. I had the desire to see what else I can do with pieces of raw materials together. Must create more more and more~

So challenge accepted!

I wanted to associate this particular collection to the name of Iron Maiden… or something acute to it. I was wondering then if I already used the term Magdalene (’cause, you know… same woman-reference name-ish kind of idea). I know I did before. So while I was securing all the pieces together and took a good look of them, I was suddenly reminded of Biblical places. *laughs* Or at least if ever I did name this particular design to Magdalene, I might as well associate the entire collection to the Bible.

(and as delightfully mentioned previously, I have a knack of naming my works from Biblical and Historical terms, mythologies, angels and demons and all the wordplay jazz I could think of. Aheh!)

I’m quite particular to Eden, especially when the design is soft and beautiful (a personal favorite pick!). I had to name it after a paradise. Gethsemane, at some point, reminded me of thorns with its spikes and blood-red roses. And then there’s Samaria, a mix of white roses and blood-red roses — purity and hard work. I tend to do a lot of association and conceptualization to my works, I don’t even know how it began and how many times I did it unconsciously. Ah~ so much fun!

I’m creating more after this particular set and will limit myself to certain colors only for now. I really want to experiment patterns and studs and beads together for this. Hee. The possibilities are endless! *sings*

Gosh. While I’m still hot with creativity, I should make more leather works. > v<)/ Ahee!

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