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Divisoria Hauls

The one thing I love love love about Divisoria is all the affordable clothes you can get and haggle for prices that fits the budget.

Yesterday as an early birthday present-slash-raw-material-hunt, me and my sibling ventured once again to the usual spots of Quiapo and Divisoria to find good buys of fashion and accessories. If only we lived so close to these two, me and my siblings were so sure to always shop there than in popular malls. Hnngh. I seriously love Quiapo and Divisoria and would really really want familiarize myself with the streets, corners and stores. For certain that there’d be more to see and buy.

My first splurge are socks and tights — to which I adore since so long ago. Especially the emerging tattoo stocking fashion that is making its way around online stores. There are certain designs I’m after but I ain’t regretting with these babies. I got these for pieces for 150PHP – 200PHP ($3.65 – $4.86) each.

Shorts and skirts are slowly filling up my closet than pants — bearing my small height plus the crazy hot weather, I’d rather go with shorts. I got these three for 100PHP – 220pPHP ($2.43 – $5.35) each. They’d definitely go great with those socks. Hee!

Then this here platform shoes that I was surprise to see being sold… and it roughly reminds me them BJD’s shoes with this black-white design. *laughs*I just hope this pair would last on me. I tend to really use platform shoes during walk and casual adventures inside malls and events.

Lastly are tops… that I realized recently that I have less of them compared to my frilly dresses. I’mma sad to see my current tops circulating it’s almost embarrassing! so buying these darlings were a must from my checklist. I had wanted to purchase tops that are between 80PHP and 200PHP ($1.94 – $4.86)… and yay. I found these.

Despite the humid heat, huge crowd and really long commute to Divioria and Quiapo, I always come home from the place with buys like these. I’mma so coming back soon!

PS. I had my usual Thai food at Chariyah’s at 168 Mall. Hurhurhur.


2 thoughts on “Divisoria Hauls

  1. hello! :))
    can i ask where exactly in Divisoria can I buy those tattoo stockings? I really need them by next week T___T

    1. Hi, you can purchase those tattoo stockings at 168 Mall. the floor where the food court is. If you happen to know the extension area, it’s there where all the other intimate clothing and costumes are. i cannot give the shop’s name since I can’t remember it.

      good luck!

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