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Shoe Bazaar at Marikina City

Guess who just trotted her way to the good ‘ol Freedom Park just because she was her usual curious and supportive lady-bug self today? I happened to see Marikina City’s post about the Back 2 School Bazaar on Facebook and I spazzed at the thought, yay! Another Marikina event to cover. I just love stuff like these. Heh!

And this time, I noted down Marikina brands and will commit them to memory because… just because.

So what were stuff to see? Definitely there were shoes but not only for school-purposes. There were also casual footwear like flats, sandals and slippers. There were also heeled shoes and boots. Ranging from very simple designs to slightly a more fashionable approaches. Last year’s Sapateros Festival showcased dramatic and haute couture pairs but I guess they wouldn’t be around considering… the bazaar focused on for casual and comfort. Well maybe.

Bags and belts were everywhere too. Wallets too! I kinda fancied a certain bag there but I’d be passing first. *laughs* Gutta focus on my own accessory line after all.

So what about price range? A good pair starts at 250PHP and above. Fashionable bags starts 550PHP. I honestly think these prices aren’t too bad… considering the quality and design.

(In taking the winding but creative road of the bag and shoe industry, I really learned so much about production and cost and nothing makes more sense than understanding how things work behind everything. There are still a lot more to study about! Really! But I enjoy taking this road little steps by little steps. Anyway…)

Speaking of brand names and in no particular order, the participating Marikina Brands include:

– Alria Shoes
– Rama Kim Shoes
– Lara Erika
– Alligator
– Mardini Shoes
– D & T Marikina
– Nico Angelo
– Manor Shoes
– Bobmar’s Shoes
– Joy-Ven Shoes
– Jie-Jay Shoes
– Ventto
– Likhang Pinoy
– 3 KC Shoes
– Rosem Shoes
– CMS Shoe Shop
– Princess Ilona
– Spartacus, Jenelle, L. Evaristo
– Socktoe
– Roweliza Shoe
– Wildman
– C Point
– Merel Shoes
– Valention Shoes
– Carl Mitchell
– Fontelle Shoes
– Gibson Shoes
– Jjikk’s Shoes
– Xykie Footwear
– J. Bautista
– Checkpoint
– Ma. Kime Shoes
– Vestrada Fashion Bags
– JAC Footwear
– Dreamstep Shoes
– Sqauw Miber

…and all are 100% proudly Marikina made! I knew it was stating  the obvious but I really had to ask some stall attendants if all of these (and I mean everything!) were made in Marikina. A sounding YES was what I received. And I couldn’t help but grin like a passionate dork at the thought of it. Hee.

So while the bazaar is still ongoing and you haven’t decided on your school shoes, office shoes, outdoor shoes, casual shoes… or just anything for your happy feet, come around at Marikina City’s Back 2 School Bazaar to have a shoe pick or two and share it with us here at Thingiemajingie.

(Obligatory City Hall shoot. Aheh!)

Back 2 School Bazaar
Where: Marikina Freedom Park (in front of Marikina City Hall)
When: May 28 – June 2, 2013
Store Hours: 7AM – 6PM


10 thoughts on “Shoe Bazaar at Marikina City

  1. we offer bazaar space for rent at JP Rodriguez, Rizal, from Oct. 15, 2013-Jan. 15, 2013 , pl.s hurry … limited space only!! contact Ms. Cha 639293957188

  2. anyone who wants to join in our upcoming bazaar in metrotent ortigas.. please contact me thru 09468057606.

  3. good day! im interested in having a stall on your upcoming event on may. to whom and where could i get information on how much rent per stall

    1. Hi, Mhel~

      Most likely the details you are looking for are answerable by the folks at City Hall. Best that you personally visit the place to inquire. Good luck!

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