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Today’s errands included a Dark~Sweet~Soul meet up and wearing recently acquired thrifts finds and my M’Lady bag. I love using this bag a lot and I couldn’t be happier with the firsthand experiences of strangers complimenting it (“How cuuute!”), going as far as asking where I got it. The only downfall that kept happening was I didn’t have any business cards to give! I opted to really REALLY print some now. Perhaps after next, next week’s exhibit, I should. Right before FQ3: Live On! event.

Speaking of exhibit, M’Lady will be part of the Advertising Department’s Best Thesis Exhibit happening at Beato Angelico Bldg., UST. Starting on June 10 (Wed) until June 13 (Sat), anyone who has spare time AAAAND is around the area can see my bags, shoes and accessories on display. And some other graphics I designed and used for my study. (As much as I’d love to broadcast this news to interested ladies and folks, I wouldn’t want to unless the poster would be up for sharing on Facebook. Perhaps this week, something will be up.)

Ah. M’Lady will be having her second batch of bags (and a few additional wallets) soon (possibly this week or next’s). And I included a very special design that spoke both for my love for angled bags and satchel-inspired interface. Check it ouuuut.

And since I’m preparing heaps for the upcoming magical event on August 2013, I asked my good rabbit Lanivi to once again pose for me. This be also an excuse to get back to shooting since it has been a while. While browsing through my album of Portraits, I had an itch to shoot and shoot. I still get a bit unsatisfied with the image results because Fuji-san’s old and whacked and maybe I need a new camera. IDK. For now I can’t afford to have one. Anyway.

Here’s my very favorite shot of Lanivi. I blogged about it too!

See more at Facebook. Click me!

In return, Lanivi shot me too — in my favorite uke character, doing one of my favorite BL/Yaoi manga series by Kousaka Tohru and Shinozaki Hitoyo: Okane Ga Nai (No Money!) is an adora-sexy story altogether. LOL. I like the likes of Kanou-san (I do!). and Ayase’s Gothic and Kodona style are really fun to look at. And to do. Hence a cosplay shoot. Aheh. I also used these shots as promotional materials over at Dark~Sweet~Soul. They were totally in-synced. I couldn’t help it! It was definitely meant to do Ayase for DSS. *laughs*

Thanks to my rabbit who is getting much much better at capturing my manly side.  And I can’t wait to pull off doing another make-shift set up. This seriously makes me want to get me a mini studio for the crazy shoots that I do. Heh. I blogged about this too!

See more at Facebook. Click me!

It has been seriously hectic and taxing these past few days. I get a lot of worrisome and stressing situations (I put myself into, I’ll admit) too. Right now, just looking at those OOTD shots, it makes me point out my chubbiness. > x<) But then I’ll pause for a moment and breath and remind myself that, “As long as I get to wear my favorite clothes, I don’t mind looking all chubby. I think I look cute too… right?”

I had a wonderful realization recently: that wearing your favorite clothes and doing your favorite style really translates your personality and individuality. Sometimes I get confident with how I look but there’d be just those days that you couldn’t help but compare your weight and figure to others. I’m still struggling over this personal issue but I think I got a whole lot better than last year. Maybe. I hope. I don’t know where I’m going with this anymore. Ugh. This is why I’m no good with really personal posts. It makes me tongue-tied.

Anyway, I’ll be cheering up soon. Especially I’ll be anticipating the exhibit PLUS revisiting my favorite place again: Divisoria. *laughs* And the thought of Japanese food for lunch tomorrow gives me the happy dog moods. Here, have some deco-shot. I’m going crazy with this app! Must… decorate… more stuff.

You’ll catch me trotting for more Marikina-related adventures and more cosplays and con-related photographs. Annnnd I hope more fashion and portrait photography with my buddies as my subjects again. This time, I’m grabbing Meia and Che for another M’Lady shoot. Hee!

Cheers, ye delightful people ye.

Dress: Thrifted, Shoes: Thrifted, Vintage Camera necklace & Gold-Pearl bracelets: Mall 999, Tattoo Stockings: 168 Mall, Bag: M’Lady

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