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On Make-Shift Studios and Shooting

Let me just take this opportunity to talk about this emerging desire in improving one of the things I’m unconsciously fond of: Set Designing + Photography.

I think the root of this all was my huge interest and appreciation to European architecture and interior. Toss it with my OC self, I began being nitpick-y (during personal-fun shoots as my buddies my models) towards present elements and backgrounds during shoot sessions. And then there was and still is this excitement towards discovering new places and venues I find myself in during my trots and travels. “This is such a wonderful place to shoot at,” I’d always exclaim. (or my usual wonderness, “Pwede kaya magshoot dito?)

Rooftop setting for a personal shoot, Once Upon an Afternoon; June 2012

Pulled in an old dresser and old books, an entry for a fashion contest back March 2012. Verano Hime shoot.

With some setback of time and distance (plus the hassle of securing permits and rooms to change clothes and fix make ups) to use existing settings, me and my buddies would always find ourselves more comfortable pulling off shots at my home. That was then I began grabbing available stuff, trinkets, ornaments and whatnot that deemed relevant to my shoots. Thus I realized how I quite enjoy doing these “makeshift” studios at the recesses of my abode.

I think I displayed this “knack” a lot more when I began paying attention to shooting my leather accessories in a much more presentable outputs. Comparing how I did before during years 2008 until 2010, I began wanting to include interesting elements on my photographs — make it quirky, with aesthetic and harmony. I’ve learned through this art and business that my works won’t hold justice if the presentation is poor and with no direction. With photography as one of the many hobbies I find comfort in, more and more do I want to pull off new and interesting things. I’m curious like that. Thereon I have been doing a lot of efforts using available elements here at home and use them for my creative pursuits. That or use existing settings plus bringing even more trinkets at the shoot to add more feel of theme for it.

Dolly Dolly Hey! shoot dated 2011. I spent an hour and half putting up them spreadsheets all over the place 30 mins before the actual shoot. *laughs*

I study a lot too when I have time. Or even at most random situations on and off the net. I’d look at merchandising displays at malls. I’d look at interiors of restaurants. I’d admire gardens and yards. I’d spazz over facades and more. And by the end of every encounter, I’d wish I have those “settings” closer to me so that I can shoot something and someone with it.

Grabbed relevant stuff for this Henshin Dekinai cosplay. Me and Rani did this shot during evening so there was only one light source.
All these brushes and canvases were just useful for my Sekaiichi Hatsukoi cosplay. Me and my siblings really paint and I just grabbed all of these and use it to my merriment. Aheh!

There’s happiness making makeshift venues and studios as it teases my creative mind, challenging myself how to pull off this and that. But it gets exhausting and tiresome if all of these outputs stayed the same for a long time now. (´_`。) As of yet I want to change my leatherworks’ setting to a new one now.

An evening’s worth of work: cut out cartolina paper strips and plastered them with a caution tape for my Okane Ga Nai cosplay. This white background is just a space here inside the art room.

And someday, hopefully, I can be granted access to other places – public or private ones – I want to shoot at without any hitches. I promise to bring out nothing but the prettiest output there is! //shakes fist

The home’s library area. Makeshift studio for M’Lady.
Something from this year – 2013 – in which I was trying to tweak with the lighting and the colors. This was a request shoot from one of my buddies who wanted something bad ass. I discovered the shadows of our gate a few times before and had really wanted to use it somehow! *laughs*

In my bucket list, I want to hold a creative shoot with the following elements/settings:

  • Metropolitan area – both during day and night. The sky-high gray buildings would make a lovely urbanization-industrialization feel to my photographs.
  • Old/Abandoned mansions and churches – for my love for Victorian themes.
  • Field of flowers, running springs and waterfalls, a majestic forest with shafts of sunlight.
  • A grand staircase and fancy cemetery.
  • Asian interiors.
  • …and a lot more I’m sure I couldn’t remember because they are one too many.

Surely these themed shoots won’t be happening anytime soon. Or even quickly. For now I’d continue on with the makeshift studios and try to acquire more unique trinkets for pending future shoots with me and my buddies. Hee! As usual, my head won’t stop thinking about concepts and ideas and shoots after shoots. *heartily laugh*


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