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Simple Gyaru Make Up Tutorial

For an everyday look that requires neither contact lenses nor fake lashes, have tantalizing eyes with this eye-larging effect make up. I’m no expert, honestly. I just study from online videos, articles, blogs and magazines and experiment every chances I get and every time I go out. As requested (and I do hope this helps), here it is!

Basic Equipment:

  • make up brushes
  • eyelash curler
  • mirror

Basic Make Up items:

  • eyeshadow palette
  • moisturizer
  • liquid concealer
  • setting powder
  • eyebrow pencil
  • liquid eyeliner
  • mascara


1. With a bare, clean face, prep it with your usual moisturizer. For now imperfections and blemishes are still visible. Worry not, we’ll fix and lighten it.
-Moisturizer: Garnier’s Light Complete Multi-Action Whitening Cream (because of the eight hours shine-free perks!)

2. With your favorite concealer, go over around your eyes with a foundation brush (or even just your fingers). Gently pat the concealer until it blends with your skin. Do NOT rub concealer or it will cause irritation and definitely unwanted sagging.
-Concealer: Maybelline’s Angel Fit Perfect Concealer

3. Once ready to apply foundations/setting powder and other colorful stuff, I start first with my eyebrow and fill it with a brown colored brow pencil. You may do this step as the last too.
– Setting Powder: Garnier’s Face Powder 02-Natural
– Pencil: The Face Shop’s Style My Eyebrow

4. Eyeshadowing time! A very important step. We’ll choose three (3) monochromatic colors — meaning colors of the same hue. I chose here a monochromatic colors of brown/nude. Go over around your eye lids with your three choices of shadows. And let’s not forget to fill in using the darkest shade you are using the half part under your lower lashes too. This is to give depth around the eyes, making it appear big.
Palette: from Eyes Lips Face (ELF)

5. Emphasizing the nose is important too in Gyaru style. Have a nice darker shade of your skin to be applied at the sides of your nose bridge.

6. Bring out your favorite liquid eyeliner and make a good line just slightly above your lashes, making a flick of wing at the end.
-Eyeliner: Nichido’s Professional Grade Eyeliner Pen P01 Superblack

7. Favorite part (but difficult to do, might I add. Needs more practice!): adding a flick of eyeliner downwards at the tear duct, making a small triangular shape. This is to give a sharper look on the eyes.

The triangular downward flick at tear duct is a very important POINT in the Gyaru make up as it emphasizes the shape of the eye — kind of like cat’s eye approach.

8. Not before curling your natural lashes first, mascara the hell out of it. *laughs* And your lower lashes too, especially at the side opposite of the tear duct.
Mascara: CLIO Professional’s Hitch Eye-king Volume Mascara (that I blogged before!)

9. For a finishing touch, pink or nude lipstick and wear your favorite and decorative headdress. And then pitch in some fun, happy and quirky poses when taking selfies/selcas/self-portraits etc etc. Well, I, erm, tried? *laughs* I hope this tutorial helps! Will try to make tutorial about crossdressing next — for cosplay. > v<)o

You may now enjoy looking Gyaru-y without the heaviness of contact lenses and fake lashes.


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