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Sapatos Festival 2013 Attendance


I Feel Good! Sapatos Festival 2013
Marikina Sapatos Festival Home Page

When: September 16, 2013 – December 30, 2013
Where: Marikina City Hall Quadrangle & Patio Del Zapateros (JP Rizal st., Marikina City)

Sapatos Festival 2013 (part II) – shoe/brand lists, activities & Shoe Caravan details
The Sapatos Festival 2013 Trot! – pictures

Marikina City is stepping it up once more in bringing you world-class quality and design leather goods that makes you dance to your toes and experience the comfort and style: I Feel  Good! Sapatos Festival 2013 starts this September 14, 2013! Catch Marikina-based fashion lines and brands come together for your choices of shoes and bags and more in prices and bargains that’ll surely make your wallet feel the good too! (Get it? GET IT? I crack myself up XDD)

Will make follow up posts about this event, especially the scheduled line up of activities (there’s more than selling going on!) and the lists of participating brands for your reference. Pluuus lots and lots of documentations too! Can’t wait!

See you here in Marikina City!

Promo/Advert Vid by Marikina PIO

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