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CosMania 2013 Snaps

Didn’t add watermark because I still haven’t redesigned my old bleegh one — I want my new one to be crisp and modern and digitally rendered unlike my first.

Didn’t expect the crowd to be really everywhere — quite literally. The crowd had been so huge that there were so little spaces to do proper shoots too. Not too surprising after all: CosMania events are one of the few popular cons here in the PH, aside from Fantasy Quest aaand Best of Anime maybe? Or O’zine? Or maybe ToyCon?

I wish I can have the opportunity to perform on stage and sing again. And do official coverage of such events. And probably shoot international guests (as a ghost photog! Don’t mind me!)? But I’m more into the former: singing has always been my first passion. ; v;)/

For more Cosplay Mania 2013 photos: at my Facebook!


4 thoughts on “CosMania 2013 Snaps

  1. Nice photos of that event. I went there during the first day, pero that was at night and sandali lang ako dun (about 30 mins)… Looked like a great event to go but had other things to do that weekend…

    1. Something as popular as CosMania events surely are attended by a lot of fans and hobbyists. Though it had a large crowd in and out of the venue, the overall experience was okay. πŸ™‚

      1. For sure. I’ve attended a few cosplay events and and it’s pretty overwhelming to go to them. This one (CosMania 2013) was my 2nd time to go to an event like this (the first was Best of Anime 2013, a few weeks before this). Again, great coverage and pics.

      2. I had never attended Best of Anime events before? If it wasn’t so far away. //reaches

        T-thank you! I’mma glad you like them!

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