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Udderly Delicious and SKOW Food Trips

And the usual trot continues on, venturing into the increasingly popular food street here in Marikina City: Lilac Street — a trove of various dishes and specialties just walks away from fellow Marikenyos and Marikenyas of SSS Village.

The wonderful accompaniment were my trot buddies – Che, Meia and Lani – who I dragged along to my Marikina Quest of Sights and Sounds! Thanks, bananas! ❤

First stop: this udderly quirky place of milkshakes… and cows? The name itself tickled my wordplay-loving self — I just had to see the place for myself and taste what they had! Ain’t this place cute? Still kind of bare in terms of interior in my opinion (except them cow prints — I love them!) but I don’t think it’s stopping any customers from trying out this really interesting dessert place. A great place to chill by the way: couches and throw pillows here and there, long tables for large groups and fully air-conditioned on two floors.

Menu-wise, other than milkshakes, Udderly Delicious is serving Chicken Wings, breakfast food like Waffles and desserts you can do with three-four combinations of anything (there’s even nuts!) especially just for your personalized shake.

Price-wise, it’s a bit higher considering it’s a specialty shake buuuut the general menu is 200PHP and below if I remember correctly.

Udderly Delicious
Address: 60-D Lilac St. Hacienda Heights Subd. Concepcion 2, Marikina City
Telephone #: (02) 738 6833
Operating Hours: 11am – 11pm (weekdays) & 11am – 12mn (weekends)

Facebook: Udderly Delicious Milkshakes and Desserts

Second stop: SKOW.

While Udderly Delicious is located at the main road of Lilac Street, SKOW is situated at the heart of a simple and quiet neighborhood — bringing you a vintage collection of sorts as decors. An 80’s inspired diner of American, Italian and Japanese dishes, SKOW is an intimate space for those who like dining together with good company while listening to tasteful music.

And I can’t help but spazz over music records, old toys and iconic symbols and persons on display. How cool is that? I love going back to this place really. And it’s a healthy walk away from home too.

Price-wise, for your choices of lunch and dinner, it ain’t that bad with the amount of serving that comes with it. Appetizers starts around 60PHP? And I believe good lunches are 150PHP+. Awesome, yeah?

SKOW: Some Kind of Wonderful
Address: 11 Birch Road cor. Rainbow St. Hacienda Heights Subd. Concepcion 2, Marikina City
Telephone: (02) 409 1242
Operating Hours: 12PM – 10PM (Mon, Wed to Sun) | Closed every Tuesdays

Facebook: Some Kind of Wonderful (SKOW)

If ever you guys are dropping by Marikina City and are in for some milkshakes or an 80’s inspired dinery, how about trying Udderly Delicious or SKOW? And do tell Thingiemajingie your dining experience for us readers to see.

Me, fiddling around while waiting for take out at SKOW’s. *laughs* I had enjoy my share of BLT Sandwich! Didn’t know it came with fries too.

2 thoughts on “Udderly Delicious and SKOW Food Trips

    1. I can’t believe WP made this comment spam! *laughs* Good thing I checked. And yes, pleeeease. SKOW is a small space but them displays really were an eyetreat really. I’m planning to bring Lei and Khal here. Come with us too?

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