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DSS: MTO + Craft Talks

From by-monthly slot opening (sometimes every after two months too!) to now accepting works anytime, I decided on stepping out from the darn comfort zone and take on the challenging path: juggling on larger quantity of requests, managing capital, profits and raw materials and doing more design over at Dark~Sweet~Soul.

And by sheer bad luck, the timing was terrible when Axel ‘d laptop gave in so I can’t do my usual editing and magic and I’m now squatting at my Kuya’s PC and it’s not the saaaame. Buuuuut it ain’t going to stop me from doing and showing progress. If anything I pride DSS with good and prompt communication and professionalism. Anyway!

Let me not forget that I’m open to Commissions and Custom Requests of leather works! Hit me a message/PM/email and we can talk! For more details, here!

WIP photos as references to my first clients who requested me to make their accessories. And with the new shop policy of depositing 50% downpayment of their total truly helped me to progress as quickly as I did before. Some even paid in full! To which I’m very thankful for — not only because they seem to trust me enough to make their designs even when I’m only just about to start on them but the full amount helped me buy the necessary materials to continue and finish in time.

And because I did this Opening Commissions thing, I once again learned a lot in utilizing more of my raw materials here and trying to cross the border of my limits to see what else is there to do. And to make. And to pull off.

There are only a few minor setbacks doing these, aside from the departure of my ‘ol reliable laptop — like trying to photograph some of the accessories here when they are worn. I’m kind of considering buying them mannequins I see at Divisoria, instead of using my body (or occasionally my sister’s! LOL!) and it’s all sorts of hassle really. It’s a similar feeling of using models (why hello there, banana friends!) for M’Lady instead of me because I’d really just rather be behind the lens. And pull the threads and do sparkles.

The by-product of them requests are fulfilling — seeing what my clients asked come to life. But what makes me happier are approvals. I really like it when I make my clients happy and satisfied. It had been a thing of mine, even when I’m doing illustration requests and graphic works. Sometimes I make myself fully aware how passionate and attached I get with doing creative things for another person. It might sound modest to some but the monetary benefit is second to my priority. I’m unsure if this mindset is enough for me to survive to line of work and life in general. So far I feel like I’ve been lucky and blessed to be doing what I want to do.

Body harness like this is getting really popular! The Japan Street Fashion and other countries are already doing this. Soon to be trending in the PH, perhaps?

So what’s next for DSS? I’m really wanting to make a particular line of accessories and designs but I’m waiting for an opportune time and money (and inspirations) to buy the needed materials for it. And a model maybe.

And next stop, a funky Giveaway!

Spiked-Rose headpieces that are garterized. And other garterized accessories shall be available soon too. Hee!

I thank thee my clients, cheerers and supporters of Dark~Sweet~Soul for always reminding me that I make beautiful and of quality accessories despite the roller coaster emotions I have towards leathercraft and this particular line of livelihood. *laughs* Will do much better in the future!



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