Personal Trots

Happy Halloween!


Photography: Jillian Alexis & Janine Aniko (siblingeriiies ❤ )
Make Up: Jiandra Alda

So before the day ends and we’re going to wait for another year for a proper celebration at that, a Halloween post for you and for me! T’was supposed to be an idea of hosting a party but given time constraints aaaaand poor planning, I wasn’t able to push through dressing up horrorifically with my buddies and family. I had wanted to go as a Shrine Maiden (inspired from Fatal Frame — impalers, were it?) buuuuuut I’ll just prepare for that in another time. *laughs*

Thanks, Lei! For the awesome wig. I didn’t realize how different I looked with black tresses again. It has been, say, over half a year when I started going sunny and blonde. Kkkkk! And for my siblings – Ajil behind the lens and Ajanine for the woosh and the huff wind effect.

(And comparing these photos with my Instagram post about it, smiling DOES make a difference! My, my!)


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