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A Sweet Encounter: Capriserrie Cafe!

Get ready, you sweet-tooth persons you! Marikina City’s tastiest place is now up and serving at Gen. Ordonez street — Capriserrie: a lovely and quaint cafe of delectable and homemade pastries of cakes, cupcakes, eclairs, muffins and breads, together with brewed and blended drinks! Have a sweet feast of its cutely presented treats while lounging on posh floral-patterened couches and enjoy the country-slash-Victorian-style inspired interior of interesting hand-painted typography and designs. Capriserrie Cafe is just starting up but is very ready to share with you, your family and your friends the sweetest dining experience.

The curious ladybug in me made me step inside the Capriserrie’s place last week, to be welcomed by friendly staff, the manager herself (Hi, Miss Patricia!) and the owner-slash-Artisan Cake Designer herself (Hi too, Miss Melissa!). At first I was attracted to the word “cupcake” outside the dining place. Lo and behold, even the interior and designs tickled my themed-loving self. Everything was just so sweet and lovely and cute! Definitely a wonderful place of aesthetics aaaaand taste. Get it, get it? (I pun myself sometimes *laughs*)

I was glad to try their cupcakes first, then a cake today. One good cupcake is 50PHP while a large slice of cake is 90PHP (except for them cheesecake-based ones which are 100PHP). Junior Cakes are for 350PHP with quite a lot of flavors and designs to choose from too. Drinks start around 60+PHP and you can decide on between hot coffees and teas or cold fruit sodas and blends. According to the owner, her most favorite dessert is the Red Velvet Cake… to which I shall have a taste for the next time! Capriserrie is, once again, just a few minutes away from home and I can’t believe another temptation albeit tasty is so close by. Aaaack! Keep ’em cooomin’!

And yes, I’m growing more convinced with the idea that Marikina City’s going to be the next Food Capital with the amount of new, fresh and differently themed restaurants, cafes and diners popping up one place to another. Tee hee! Kinda cool, right?

Jar of coooooookies! ❀

So! Do visit Capriserrie Cafe for your dose of the sweetest fix when you are here in Marikina City!

Caprisserie, Bakeshop and Cafe
Sweets For All Your Special Occasions
Address: 42A General Ordonez St., Marikine Heights, Marikina City

Phone: 570 – 8230, 570-8281
Mobile: 0908 – 819 – 7886, 0906 – 511 – 6510
Facebook Page: (to be added)
Instagram: @capriserrie


2 thoughts on “A Sweet Encounter: Capriserrie Cafe!

  1. I have a terrible experience with this cake shop they deliver us the cake bare without any packaging. They put it in a serving tray and place at the back of their car. What a service!

    1. 😦 I’m very sad to hear your experience. Have you already forwarded your unsatisfactory remark to them? This would help both parties to come with a mutual understanding and better outcome in the future and to prevent such thing to happen again.

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