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Shu-chan’s Audition Vid?!

Typically I’m not really all the kenkoy and lol — I’m actually timid and shy. Tee hee! Buuuuuut when I’m doing my adorkable characters (adding up my passion to performing and singing as well), let’s just say that all Hell breaks loose… with rainbows! *laughs* Honestly I don’t get tired of listening to Blind Game Again (by Kinya Kotani) — it’s probably my own image song or something. Kkk!

But anyway! This be an attempt making into NG Productions (if he wasn’t scouted by Sakano-san). Or at least Shuichi believes so. Hiro oughta help the next time he records one again.

Awhell. Whenever I watch this, I just shake my head in utter humor. Sometimes I just can’t believe I can’t recognize myself. Ahahahahaha~ I want to do one like this, probably Shingeki no Kyojin. Well, maybe.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Shuichi Shindo, Gravitation (c) Maki Murakami


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