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DSS: DESSIN Intro + Giveaway

What is Dark~Sweet~Soul: DESSIN?

DESSIN is DSS’ sub-category of fashion accessory with a notable characteristic of using pattern designs on leather. Any designs, items or products using patterned leather will be considered under DESSIN, therefore a bit more expensive than the regular usage of black and white (and occasionally other base color) leathers. The reason behind: DESSIN products are reinforced twice – the layer of the pattern and the layer of the base leather. This is to assure much better quality, sturdiness and visual appeal, making DESSIN a much high grade of DSS accessories.

As of yet, DESSIN has released two patterns that are available to use for pre-made designs or custom made designs. DSS is looking forward using other pattern, mix-matching them and producing more unique accessories for the unique market.

DESSIN in French language means Design/Pattern. DSS is very much delighted to finally make and produce pattern-based leather accessories, now adding a different kind of approach in gothic, punk and rock style fashion items. What better way to celebrate this quirky development, together with the frosty and festive season of the holidays, than hosting a Christmas Giveaway! That’s right, as easy as Liking and Sharing this photo, you can have one of DSS: Dessin’s first ever products!

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DSS: DESSIN Christmas Giveaway Instructions:

  1. Like DSS on Facebook.
  2. Like this Photo.
  3. Share this Photo, together with a comment: “Something’s Quirky at @Dark~Sweet~Soul!” Do not forget to set the post in Public AND to add the shop’s link name in your comment.
  4. Done! (That easy, right?)

Optional Instructions (not required but would raise your chances upon raffle draws):

  • Follow DSS on Tumblr and leave your FB Name using ASK Box.
  • Visit DSS: Dessin post at WordPress and leave your FB Name (or link) down the comment box.

Online Raffle Draw schedules are:  16th of December, 2013 at 9PM and 29th of December, 2013 at 9PM. Winners chosen from the raffle draw shall be notified through FB message. Claiming of all raffled products is scheduled on the first week of January, 2014 only.

Should the same name be chosen again during the second draw, DSS will choose another recipient.  DSS Christmas Giveaway is only open to the Philippines.

Thank you for joining, you happy lot you! And Merry Christmas, from your favorite leather place!

2013.12.29 Announcement
DSS: DESSIN Christmas Giveaway Winners

First Raffle: Ey Tolentino
Second Raffle: Riza Scarlet

About: Prison Stripe
Accessories included: Choker, Wrist Cuff and pair of Bow Hairties
Size: freesize
Product Price: 1000PHP

A striped black and white leather pattern reinforced and secured on black leather; a matching designs of silvers, buckles and rivets.

About: Monochrom Flora
Accessory included: Body Harness only
Size: Freesize, adjustable choker length and back strap
Product Price: 1000PHP

A black and white flower pattern leather-based design reinforced on black leather, heavily decorated with silver rings and rivets and with buckle locks.


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