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8th Christmas Toycon 2013 – Toy Photographs

Toy Fairs are always on my list to attend to — especially when I get to practice like this. And I want to change my editing style, thus the lack of vibrant colors but with a touch of minimal vignette. Aheh. I particularly like the Gumi (VOCALOID) shot — the Christmas tree with lights behind it [the figurine] added them sparkly effects. It looked like she was in the middle of performing.

And I couldn’t contain myself when I saw the Evangelion Units on display, especially the four-armed one. Khal-nisan and Lei said it was from the remake and it was Shinji and Kaoru’s fused units. TO WHICH I LIKE THE HELL A LOT. //heart heart

Oh darn. Maybe I should’ve bought that green Scouting Legion T-shirt and that tattoo stockings. And many more of my unending wants. ಥ_ಥ


3 thoughts on “8th Christmas Toycon 2013 – Toy Photographs

    1. Oh, yes it is! I do very much enjoy toy-based events for me to shoot around. *laughs* But then my last event during the same month wasn’t too good since I wanted to shoot toys again but it was really cramped — both the display tables and pathways inside the hall. T -T

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