Personal Trots

Pre-Christmas Cover + Gyaru Make Up Style

Achievement unlocked: the Gyaru Make Up I’ve always wanted to try and pull off. I remember mentioning back then how lower falsies is such a tedious task to put on, especially with limited knowledge how to go about it. It truly truuuuly does help to study magazines and videos, more so that I follow certain Japanese-centric websites catering to Japan Street Fashion and make ups. Oh how I improved  a lot in the span of three months!

And to make things even easier for me to strut my preferred style just within my budget, Thrift Finds (aka the famous Ukay Ukays!) find their way and happy space inside my closet. From dresses and tops to accessories and shoes, most of my fashion clothing are from Ukays (or Divisoria and Quiapo). I kind of lived up to my Mom’s somewhat advise to me before: No need for branded stuff if you can be fashionable with thrift goods.

Also, this caramel wig was my first long wig before I started collecting my short ones (for my crossplays and BL tendencies). It has such sentimental value really and I wondered back then why I almost sold it off. Hee! Good thing I didn’t. Aaaand good thing I just learned how to style and manage it. *laughs* The more I know!

This be a preview of a special post on the eve before the 25th (and here it is: cover song for Heavy Rotation!)! Kinda of excited to post it but I’ll patiently wait until Christmas. Aaaand if you guys are ever interested how I do my dolly make up (or possibly my male make ups), hit me up a comment or two? Maybe I can help!

Hafta do more trots before 2013 ends though! See you guys around!

PS. I’m abusing our library a lot. *laughs* You’ll see more of the library setting at my Instagram, added also my OOTDs with it.


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