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[COVER VIDEO] Heavy Rotation!

In which this lady prepares for the most memorable Christmas of her life as she musters up the courage to give her gift to Sempai.

…oooooooor at least that was the story behind the record. *laughs* Merry Christmas, lovely followers, visitors and the curious lot who happened to stumble upon my intentionally-posted-on-Christmas-Eve post! Thingiemajingie greets you a pleasant holiday season! It has been cold, especially during the evenings, yeah? Except during the day — hot like Summer!

I’ve long wanted to sing and perform Heavy Rotation on stage buuuuut perhaps for now I’ll continue doing these… fun covers as both practice to video-editing (to which is super tedious for a 1-2 minute running clip), characterization aaaand creativity instead. A while back then I was super awkward to be on videos buuuuut  I wanted to change that and started doing these records. Even if it means my family watching at the sides and are poking fun at me (in a smirking, no-hard-feelings-and-certainly-no-mockery-of-it), it’s all good.

Soooo my Christmas wish? I always wish for my family and friends’ happiness. And that they find their place in the universe, where their hearts and souls are at peace and at content. Because when my dear ones are happy, that’s all I need to be happy as well. Perhaps in the back of my head, my wish for myself is to grow and learn more — to be better than I was the previous year. To have strength to walk forward and continue. I’d list material wants as tangible wishes but I know what my heart really wants: for me to be a better person and to grab chances and opportunities no matter how foggy the future of it gets. How about you step out from your comfort zone, eh, Jiandra?


Merry Christmas, again! I hope you guys are enjoying the festive season with your loved ones. And the food. You cannot definitely miss out on good food! ᒄ₍⁽ˆ⁰ˆ⁾₎ᒃ♪♬

Heavy Rotation (c) AKB48
Adobe Premiere CS6


6 thoughts on “[COVER VIDEO] Heavy Rotation!

    1. Really? Thanks! //shy shy

      I’ve been told that I should grow my hair longer. Been trying for the past 11 months? Buuuuut unfortunately my hair grows really slow. *laughs* If it wasn’t so hot here at my country, I wouldn’t really mind sporting longer hair!

      1. hahaha! Me too! Medyo probinsya kasi. But daytime round this time of the year gets pretty cold!

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