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[COVER VIDEO] School Boy!

Jiandra and her Thingiemajingie welcomes you a trottin’ 2014!

It has been quite hectic and busy since the start of the year but allow me to once again entertain the curious lot and happen-to-be visitors with a new video again! I’d really like to sing School Boy (from Gakuen Heaven) onstage at least once buuuuuuuut my voice isn’t right for it.  (*´∀`*) Buuuuut then it didn’t really entirely stop me from “singing” it at all, yeah?

Aaaand in case some of you don’t know, Gakuen Heaven is a BL series of lovely lovely men (who have so much free time lol) studying in a fancy school! For doses of fluff and sweet romance, have a try at watching it! Have I mentioned it’s BL? BL! Boy’s Love! Love between men! Aaaaah~ ❤

More to come since I still have an arm’s list of tracks and songs I want to… cover in many ways and approaches and surprises. I’d make it so to do girl-guy-girl persona alternatively since it helps me to be more creative each and every time I release stuff like these. And a good excuse of outfit posts-slash-videos? I oughta try to shoot at different settings though. Or subjects too! Well, maybe. Aheh!

Let’s enjoy 2014 together! Hope you’d stick around to see more adventures and rides here at Thingiemajingie!

School Boy, YAMATO
Gakuen Heaven (c) SPRAY


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