Art Works

That White February

What better way to greet the coming Summer with white dresses and lovely sun light from my friends and I! The post-birthday-slash-photoshoot had almost everyone of my circle come together to capture playful grins and soft tresses. Aaaaaaaand for me to go behind the lens and try my hand in portrait shots again.

It has been a while — almost a month and a half since my last human subject shoot. I still feel limited with my camera because I’m still using my ‘ol Fuji-san (Fujifilm) that’s constraint with a broken dial knob and heaven knows when I’ll buy me a new one. //sweatdrops

That derp mode!

I’ll do a shoot again with an opposite theme and I can’t wait to do it! And, arrrgh. I’m still seeing flaws in my shots so I ought learn from this event and do better at the following ones next! //shakes fist And isn’t this a good time for you to fix your watermark, eh, Jiandra? Ugh.

Photography/Edited: Jiandra Alda
Co-Photographers: Sharmaine and Kuya Jerel
Cheerers: Chesca, Joan and Jaine
Models: Meia, Lanivi, Khim, Jessa, Avy and Carmela
Venue: C & B Park



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