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My US.Adventure I

I never imagined myself to travel the West so quickly, with my feet and eyes on my own. I am gifted and blessed to see the World, understand and learn from it. The foreign lands and folks, culture and belief, the colors and art far different from where I was from. The World is bigger than I could imagine and I’m truly glad to see these all myself.

And I’ve yet to see more: understand more and learn more. Such is human nature to desire bigger, greater and wondrous things. The World itself is a treasure to be witnessed and not to be missed. To be celebrated. It feels as though the Universe wanted me here to teach me and make me experience the treasure. To share it thereafter. What an honor, I’d say.

I am gifted. I am blessed. I’m one lucky trotting gal to be here.

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

– John A. Shedd

I flew alone for the first time in my life. Before then I’d be with my Family to see new places together. I was granted the opportunity and means to visit the West and I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful for my supporting Dad and accommodating and homey Titos and Titas and cousins.

This trip came in like a chance to find pieces of myself and to understand myself what I want to do and how I’d find the place where I want to be. A change in scenery, air and sight to stir the inspiration and drive in me.  I’m still in the middle of my trip though — I still have a long way to go to learn new things.

My Stops (for this post for now) include the long, complicated albeit fun roads of California and the dry, bright-lighted and colorful streets of Las Vegas. The wanderlust in me is filled to the brim and yet… not just yet. There is more to be seen!

The only problem I’m dealing with is the cold: frosty fingertips and toes wherever I go. Aheh. I do not think I’ll ever get used to the cold. //shivers

Memories in photographs up ahead! They aren’t as fancy as I wanted them but I’d rather to really see and experience the spectacles and moments than frustrate myself to take photographs how I’d OC-ily and normally do. I think it’s best decision I ever did (in terms of… creative and memory preservation… Aheh!).

Bonifacio Global City, PH

I kept more of these memories over here and here on my Facebook — just in case my readers want to see more of the adventures. Will post another separate thing for my next destinations!

(Note: if the photos aren’t sized perfectly at your screens — forgive me for not resizing them. As much as I’m OC to fix I cannot due to technical difficulties. I’ll fix them all up when come back! //nod nod


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