IT STAYS, Absolutely!

If you are into Japan Street Fashion as I am, one of the many notable styles done by girls and ladies are wearing thigh-high socks or over-the-knee socks. Some girls from Anime/Manga/Game series (popular example is Hatsune Miku of VOCALOID) are seen and known for wearing them and we cannot deny that there’s a certain charm with it, yeah?

But did you know that there’s an actual term for that charm? It is called Zettai Ryouiki.

According to Wikia:
Zettai Ryouiki – is a term used in anime series for the area of exposed thigh when a girl is wearing a miniskirt and thigh high socks. It literally means “Absolute Territory” in Japanese.

According to TV Tropes:
Zettai Ryouiki – describes the area of bare skin exposed on the thighs between the skirt and stockings or socks for female characters. The term and the trope come from anime and manga, with the term being used as an homage to the AT fields in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

And as a huge fan of anime and manga and Japanese fashion in general, wearing thigh-high socks was a very fun and stylish thing (for me, that is!). Until I noticed how bothered I was when I couldn’t keep my socks up after long walks or a long day out. Before then I thought I was overusing my socks (they do tend to be my favorites after all!) or I got mine a size smaller or bigger but even the new and right-sized pairs I got couldn’t keep up (really punny, Jiandra. Ha. Ha.). Frustrating, really!

Now I researched the  internet and discovered It Stays, Body Adhesive and the next thing I knew I was wearing my socks regularly with no hitch, no bother — all absolutely secured!


It Stays says (as seen behind the product’s bottle):
It Stays may be used by men, women & children to hold any articles in place against your skin. It Stays is pliable & moves with your body. It Stays washes off easily with water leaving no stain.

Uses: socks, knee socks, support hose, nylons, panty hose, shoulder straps, wigs, toupees, theatrical makeup & devices, orthpedic & surgical devices, etc.

To Use: Simply roll on to skin and press article in place.

Online purchase, $8.00++/bottle

Unfortunately It Stays is not available in the Philippines — I ordered mine online at Amazon while I’m currently in the US (thank you to my cousins, Marco and Matt — heey, handsomes!). I did a personal experiment with it: reading reviews from other bloggers and trying it out on my own (thrice count so far). Not only did it secure my socks no problem, it IS easily removed by water.

There’d be crusty remains on the socks (due to crystalizing) and some of the socks’ surface leaves on the skin but all these are removable as quickly as simple laundry and baby wipes respectively.

Day Two of trying out It Stays! ❤ All the magic, indeed.

I’ve yet to check how It Stays would fare with me in humid weather — where the skin gets sweaty. Would it come off? Probably not? I’ll let you know!

I hope It Stays become available in the local PH Market soon. I wouldn’t know what I’d be and my Zettai Ryouiki adventures without it! I heard about Sock Glue being available at DAISO/SAIZEN but sadly I couldn’t find them at my usual Japan Home Center place in Robinsons Metro East or Sta. Lucia. Soooo I’m glad I got It Stays and it’s one of my best and useful buys in the US!

For now, if you have other alternatives, remedies or cheats for keeping those socks up (I know I did hilarious ones… but let’s not go there! Ahaha!) share it with us here at Thingiemajingie!


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